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Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge May 21 - July 1, 2018

Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge 5/21/18 to 7/1/18

Join AhealthyU's 6-week Pedometer Challenge, May 21st through July 1st. Team up with coworkers and wear your step tracking device to collect steps during your daily activities and earn rewards along the way.


  • Sync your device to the NEW "IncentFit" online platform for easy tracking 

    • Make sure you have a compatible tracking device

    • MisFit Flash available for $10 purchase from AhealthyU
      If you already have a MisFit Flash and need a new battery, we'll replace it at no cost.

  • No registration fee!
    This year, participants will make non-perishable food donations to The Market: AU's Food Pantry. 

  • CASH prizes for the top TEN competitive stepping teams (subject to tax)

  • Competitive and non-competitive team registration options available

  • Registration closes May 21st

Are you up for the challenge?

We're Moving!

Our AhealthyU office, currently located in Gray Hall room 111, will be moving to McCabe Hall at the end of May. 

Please keep an eye out for communications about our new office location! 

Form a Team

Gather your friends and colleagues around campus to form a team. Teams of exactly 4 are required for participation and should include 1 team captain. In addition to motivating their team, captains will be the main point of contact during the challenge and will be responsible for ensuring that all members follow guidelines. This includes completing the registration, connecting to the IncentFit platform, donating to The Market: AU's food pantry, and submitting the release form. 

AhealthyU will host a team captain orientation lunch to review these items with captains. The lunch will be held on Tuesday, May 15th from 12-1pm in Butler Boardroom. Captains are requested to RSVP to this session.

All teams should be formed prior to registration and each team will need a team name for identification.

Every participant must individually complete the online registration. Please confirm that there are exactly 4 people registering on your team using the same team name. There are competitive and non-competitive team options:

Competitive track teams: Teams go head-to-head each week as they compete for title of "Top Stepping Team." Cash prizes (subject to tax) are awarded to the top 10 teams at the end of the 6-week challenge. Additionally, the traveling trophy is awarded to the first place team.

Non-competitive track teams: Support your teammates to stay active over the course of 6 weeks in a non-competitive environment. These teams are not in the running for the cash prize. 

Individuals who are not on an established team should indicate that they are a "free agent" on the registration form. AhealthyU will assign all "free agents" to a team.

Register Online

Every participant in the pedometer challenge must complete the two-step online registration:

Step 1: Submit the Steps to AhealthyU Pedometer Challenge online registration form.

Step 2: Visit and create an account using your American University email address. Follow the instructions that IncentFit emails you to confirm your registration and connect your wearable tracker to the IncentFit platform.

For IncentFit registration support, call 844-246-2368 or email

Deadline for registration is 5pm on Monday, May 21.

Finalize Your Registration

Food Pantry Donation

Instead of a registration fee, participants can drop off a donation for The Market: AU's Food Pantry. You can drop off your registration donation (non-perishable food items) to one of the following locations by May 21st:

  • Gray Hall, room 111
  • 3201 New Mexico, Suite 350 room 40
  • Spring Valley, 3rd floor lobby (by the elevators)
  • 4401 Connecticut Ave., Lower Level Community Room OR 6th floor (contact front desk at x5970 to coordinator 6th floor drop-off)
  • WCL, Capital 107

Sign an Exercise Release Form

All participants must sign and submit an exercise release form by May 21st. 

There are multiple ways to submit your release form:

  • Visit the AhealthyU office in Gray Hall room 111 between 10am and 3pm, except during scheduled AhealthyU events.

  • Send your release form via campus mail to AhealthyU in Gray Hall room 111.

  • Scan and email your signed release form to AhealthyU.

Purchase a Device from AhealthyU (if needed)

For those wishing to purchase a MisFit Flash device through AhealthyU, the cost is $10. We can accept this payment in cash or check. Checks can be made payable to "American University." Existing MisFit users may receive a replacement battery from AhealthyU for no cost.

Participants may pick up the device or replacement battery from the AhealthyU office (Gray Hall, Room 111) between 10am and 3pm on weekdays, except during AhealthyU events.

Start Logging

  • First, confirm that your device is on our list of compatible tracking devices.

  • Be sure that each member of your team individually completed both steps of the registration (submit the online registration form and register and connect your device to the IncentFit platform)

    • See additional instructions on the "Register Online" tab

  • Strap on your device everyday of the challenge and start accumulating steps*.

*Step tracking devices are designed to count steps taken for the individual who is wearing the device. Certain activities (like bike riding, where the user is not taking steps), will record some "steps" on the device. Steps recorded during these activities will generally be lower than steps recorded during activities like walking and jogging.

To maintain the integrity and intent of the program, AhealthyU asks that you engage in activities that are intended to promote cardiovascular health, such as walking, jogging, and other physical activities.

Need some help getting in steps during the challenge? AhealthyU has many physical activity opportunities available to faculty and staff members. View the AhealthyU Group Fitness Schedule to find great activities like yoga, Zumba, outdoor fitness walk, and more.

Win Great Prizes

The 2018 Pedometer Challenge is all about having fun, moving more, and winning prizes with your team. Teams will either participate in the competitive track or in the non-competitive track, with unique ways to win prizes for both options.

Competitive Track Prizes

CASH prizes will be awarded to all team members* from the top 10 teams in the competitive track. Teams will be ranked based on their total team steps over the course of the entire 6-week Pedometer Challenge. The prize pot will be determined by the number of participants in the pedometer challenge. The first place team will receive the highest cash prize, the second place team will receive the second highest, and so on. The first place team will also claim the traveling trophy for the year.

Non-Competitive Track Prizes

Support your teammates to stay active over the course of 6 weeks in a non-competitive environment. These teams are not in the running for the cash prizes. 

All Participants

Members in both tracks who connect and sync their device to the IncentFit platform for at least 3 of the 6 weeks of the challenge will receive a prize at the end of the program. These prizes include a choice of either an AhealthyU wicking T-shirt, yoga mat, AhealthyU group fitness complimentary week pass, or a foam roller.

*Participants must receive paychecks on a bi-weekly or monthly pay schedule from American University at the time of registration to qualify for cash prizes. Taxes are applicable to all cash prizes.