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Weight Watchers at Work Meetings

FALL 2018 Open House

Thursday, September 27
MGC 327

Ever wonder what goes on at a Weight Watchers meeting? This complimentary session is your chance to see what Weight Watchers is all about before enrolling.

Please contact AhealthyU by COB Friday, September 28th if you are interested in enrolling in the next series.

With this 12-week program for a special price of $156 you can attend sessions right here on AU's main campus.

*** For every 10 meetings that you attend, AhealthyU will give you a $50 reward (taxes applicable) **

Join at any time!

If you miss the open house or the beginning of the 12-week session sign-up, you can still join at any time during the session and your cost will be pro-rated.

Can't make the on-campus meetings?

You can enroll through AhealthyU and attend meetings in the community, and still receive the AhealthyU benefits!

For questions, please contact AhealthyU.

Weekly Meetings

Weight Watchers at American University meet every Thursday at 12:00pm in MGC 327.