Zakia Charfi Administrator CDC Child Development Center

I joined the AU Child Development Center in June 1992. I have a MA in Early Childhood Education, a teaching Certificate in Elementary Education and over 30 years of experience in private and public El

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Lawrence McCarthy Lead Teacher Child Development Center

Lawrence McCarthy has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Early Childhood Studies from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. The concentration of his degree program was facilitating sociodramatic play in

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Marie-Lucie Argant CDC Teacher Child Development Center

I am a teacher in the Orange Room and this is my 18th year at the CDC. Prior to working at American University, I lived in Boston and attended The University of Massachusetts in Boston. I have over 25

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Djamila Akkache CDC Teacher Child Development Center

I taught for over 16 years in several private and public schools in Maryland, before joining the CDC in 2008. My main goal in the classroom is to provide a loving environment for the children, where t

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Sana Uddin CDC Teacher Child Development Center

I have been working with children within educational capacities for almost eight years now. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Georgia State University, in Atlanta Georgia,

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