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MOVE Fitness Challenge Program runs from October 1 - 31, 2018

AhealthyU MOVE Fitness Challenge

Faculty and Staff, MOVE your way to a healthier you this fall!

REGISTER by Friday, September 28th!

As the temperature outside begins to drop, so can your motivation to exercise. This one-month challenge is designed to encourage all faculty and staff to MOVE more this fall. All healthy adults need 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity 5 or more days per week. Log any type of physical activity, win prizes, and support your health and well-being!

Points to AhealthyU Game
Points to AhealthyU Game Players

Participate in the full duration of the MOVE challenge and receive 4 stamps! Stamps are awarded upon completion of the challenge.

For full details and to read the Points to AhealthyU Game rules visit

Log Your Activity

Connect to the "IncentFit" online platform to manually or automatically record your progress (data received from your compatible device) and check out the live leaderboard*!

*Please note that there may be a delay in syncing. Leaderboard may not always be up to date by the minute.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register for this one-month individual challenge
  2. Connect to IncentFit, an online activity platform that AhealthyU will use to administer the MOVE Fitness Challenge and capture each participant's activity data on a leaderboard. See the Register Online tab for details on completing registration.
  3. Decide whether you will manually log your activity minutes or use your own compatible activity tracker or app* to automatically record activity minutes. *Please note: iPhone's Apple Health is not fully compatible with the Incentfit platform. The best alternative app to Apple Health for minutes is Google Fit.
  4. Start logging your daily activities
    • Manually logging activity: Log into the IncentFit web portal or app to add the activities you completed, the date you completed them, and how many minutes you performed. Select from several different types of activities including gardening, housework, walking, swimming, weight lifting, biking, and more!
    • Using a compatible activity tracker or app: Connect your activity tracker to the IncentFit platform to automatically record your progress (data received from your compatible device or app). Then simply wear your activity tracker (or if using an app, be sure to have your smartphone with you) throughout the day. IncentFit will automatically convert your steps to minutes!
  5. Win great prizes! See the prize tab.
    • Check out the leaderboard in the IncentFit portal. Note: 1 minute = 1 point.

Program Highlights

  • Track your daily activity by steps1 OR minutes.
  • Decide how you log - wearing an activity tracking device is optional!
  • Connect to the "IncentFit" online platform to automatically record your progress (data received from your compatible device) and check out the live leaderboard! Please note that there may be a delay in syncing. Leaderboard may not always be up to date by the minute.
  • Participate as an individual! All participants are entered into weekly raffles.

  • Points to AhealthyU Game participants, receive 4 point stamps upon challenge completion.

  • Prize money will be donated to an approved AU endowment fund chosen by the top 5 highest scoring participants.

  • Family members of AU faculty and staff can participate too!2

1Steps are automatically converted to minutes in the IncentFit portal. 1 minute = 1 point.

2Family members who participate in the MOVE Fitness Challenge must be 18 years and older, complete the registration process, follow the program rules, and sign the AhealthyU registration form.

Register Online

Every participant in the MOVE Fitness Challenge must complete the two-step online registration:

Step 1: Submit the online MOVE Fitness Challenge Registration Form.

Step 2: Watch for an email from IncentFit that will guide you through finalizing your registration and connecting to the online platform.

Complete Your Registration

You will also need to submit the following items by COB Friday, September 28 in order to participate in the program:

  1. Sign Exercise Release Form. Submit your signed release form in one of the three methods stated below.
    1. In-person to the AhealthyU Office in McCabe Hall, Room 225 through 9/28. (Monday - Friday, 10:00am to 3:00pm); or
    2. Send your release form via campus mail to AhealthyU in McCabe Hall, Room 225; or
    3. Scan and email your signed release form to
  2. Instead of a registration fee, participants can donate to The Market, AU's Food Pantry. You can drop off your registration donation (non-perishable food items) to one of the following locations:
    • McCabe Hall, Room 225
    • 3201 New Mexico, Suite 350 outside of room 40
    • Spring Valley, 3rd floor lobby (by the elevators)
    • 4401 Connecticut Ave., Lower Level Community Room or 6th floor (contact front desk at x5970 to coordinator 6th floor drop-off)
    • WCL, Capital 107

Win Great Prizes

To be eligible for prizes, participants must connect and log activity via the IncentFit platform.

CHALLENGE WINNERS: AhealthyU MOVE Challenge prize money will be used to support an AU endowment fund. The top FIVE highest scoring MOVE participants get to choose the approved AU endowment fund to receive the prize funds! Medals are awarded to the top FIVE highest scoring participants. Here are the endowment funds that each winner can choose from:

  • AU Fund for Excellence - Gifts to this fund are unrestricted and support all areas of the institution. Unrestricted gifts allow the university to use the funds in areas where they are most needed.
  • Campus Life Discretionary Fund - This fund enables the vice president of Campus Life to support new student and staff initiatives, and to meet unanticipated equipment, facility, and program needs.
  • Kay Spiritual Life Center - The Kay Spiritual Life Center is American University's interfaith center and home to two dozen religious communities.
  • The Market: AU’s Food Pantry - The Market is American University's student-operated food pantry that seeks to end food insecurity for students in the AU community.

WEEKLY PRIZES : Each week, all participants will be entered into a raffle for an AhealthyU moisture-wicking t-shirt, yoga mat, foam roller, or 4 point stamps.

To maintain the integrity and intent of the program, AhealthyU asks that you provide honest reporting throughout the challenge. AhealthyU reserves the right to audit any participant's activities.