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Medical Plan Options


Kaiser Permanente HMO Plan

The Kaiser HMO plan provides comprehensive prepaid health care services through a system of health care network facilities.

Kaiser Medical Overview
Plan Provision Kaiser HMO
In-Network Only

Deductible: Individual


Deductible: Individual plus one/Family


Copay: Primary Care Physician (PCP)


Copay: Specialist


Coinsurance, where applicable


Emergency Room Copay


Inpatient Hospital Copay


Out-of-Pocket Max: Individual


Out-of-Pocket Max: Family


2019 Employee Cost: Individual under $35,000


2019 Employee Cost: Individual over $35,000


2019 Employee Cost: Individual plus one


2019 Employee Cost: Family


Compare CareFirst and Kaiser Medical Plans.

Video Visits

You can see your doctor face-to-face without visiting the office. You can have a video visit with your primary care physician from home, work, or while you're on the go.

Important Plan Information

Customer Service: (301) 468-6000

Mobile apps available for iPhone®, Android, and Blackberry

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