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American University Extended Winter Break 2021 For Full-Time Faculty & Staff

In recognition of the creativity and hard work demonstrated by faculty and staff throughout this year, full-time staff, faculty, including full-time NextSource employees, will be provided with an extra five days of paid leave in conjunction with the Winter Break that will run from December 24, 2021 – January 2, 2022. Faculty and staff may take the additional five days of paid leave between December 17-23, 2021 and January 3-9, 2022 to extend the winter break. Our faculty and staff mean so much to our community and we want to honor your contributions with this expanded time off to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy time from work.

Employees should submit your days off in advance with your supervisor. Your supervisor will coordinate work within your unit so that all employees are able to take their five days of leave and not be called upon to perform work on their scheduled time away, while ensuring coverage for their unit’s responsibilities.

Information for staff

Supervisors will collect each employee’s preferred leave days, assess overall coverage in the department, and work with individual employees to address any gaps. Staff will submit their preferred days to their supervisor in advance of their requested date, confirm approval, and take the approved days.

Staff will record their five days on their time sheets and leave reports beginning on December 17, 2021. Both biweekly and monthly paid staff will record five days of “ADMIN” on their timesheets or leave reports.

Information for faculty

Faculty should coordinate with their faculty department chair or program director to schedule time off during the designated weeks.

For all employees

  • Days may be taken in consecutive or intermittent full-day increments.
  • Days will be available on December 17, 2021, and expire on January 9, 2022.
  • Unused days cannot be "paid out" if an employee leaves the University.

Employees who are not able to take leave during this period due to work commitments will be provided alternative leave days no later than January 30, 2022. HR will ask units to identify employees who may not be able to take the extended leave days during the December 17 – January 9 period and provide us with a roster.

The purpose of these days is to rest and rejuvenate. Departments will ensure coverage of mission-critical work through advanced planning so that there are some people working who may be able to address emergencies while other team members are off. In the event an emergency requires an employee to work on a scheduled leave day, the employee and supervisor will identify a future date to reschedule the day.

Employees should not be obligated or pressured to work on a leave day if there is no emergency. Employees may contact if they experience pressure to work on a leave day.

Who is not eligible?

Some university employees are not eligible for the additional paid leave during the extended winter break:

  • Part-time faculty (adjunct faculty) and part-time staff
  • Undergraduate student employee workers
  • Graduate student financial aid awardees
  • Employees who terminate prior to January 1, 2022
  • Faculty with one semester appointments (e.g., fall 2021 only or spring 2022 only)

Have a winter break full of fun, family, and relaxation, and we look forward to starting back together in the spring!