Short term disability

Should you need to go out on short term disability (STD), you will continue to receive 100% of pay and benefits for as long as you are unable to work, up to six months.

AU automatically enrolls you in short term disability coverage at no cost to you. Coverage begins on your first day of full-time employment if you are a full-time faculty member, or after six months of employment if you are a full-time staff member. The maximum short term disability benefit payment period is six months, after which you may be eligible for long term disability (LTD) coverage. 

Short term disability benefits
  % of Base Salary Waiting
Max Benefit

Faculty member


0 days

6 months

Staff member


14 days

6 months

Benefits continue until the earliest of:

  • The date you are no longer disabled, or
  • The date you reach the maximum benefit period.

For staff, there is a fourteen calendar day waiting period, during which you may substitute sick or annual leave. Staff are required to exhaust sick leave during their disability period. As faculty do not accrue leave, they do not have a waiting period. 

Long term disability

You are automatically enrolled in the university’s long term disability (LTD) plan on the first day of the month after you complete one year of full-time service with the university. 

See the Faculty/Staff Benefits Manual for details if you go on short term disability before your eligibility for long term disability coverage begins. Long term disability coverage replaces a portion of your monthly salary if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury after a waiting period (designed to follow after you have used your 180 days of short term disability benefits).

Cost for Coverage

The cost of long term disability is based on your salary and is shared evenly by you and the university. You may not elect to drop long term disability coverage; participation is required.

Long term disability benefits
  % of Basic Monthly Earnings Max Benefit

Faculty and staff member


Up to age 65 or your normal Social Security retirement age (24 months for mental/nervous and substance abuse disabilities)†

*LTD benefits are calculated using your current base annual salary prior to the date your disability begins. Only 50% of any benefit paid to you under the plan is taxable income to you as the premiums are shared by you and the university. Benefits are coordinated with disability benefits under other plans, such as Social Security and state disability programs.

†As with all benefits, you should refer to the appropriate sections of the Faculty/Staff Benefits Manual or the official plan documents for more extensive information concerning your benefits plans. In the event of any conflict between this benefits guide or the appropriate descriptive sections of the Faculty/Staff Benefits Manual and the official plan documents, the plan documents will govern.

If you participate in the retirement plan and are approved for long term disability, your contributions will continue at no additional expense to you for up to 15% of your pre-disability earnings. You must be participating in the retirement plan prior to receiving LTD payments to receive this benefit. The insurance company will make the contributions direct to your TIAA and/or Fidelity accounts.


To report an FMLA absence or disability:
Call: 877-367-7781, 24/7

Click on "Report Time out of Work" and follow the instructions. There you can input your information and download any forms you may need.