Pet Insurance

Nationwide® offers American University pet insurance coverage to provide your pets with the care they need.

Pet coverage helps with everything from minor problems such as ear infections and upset stomachs to diabetes and cancer. Some exclusions may apply. Certain coverages may be subject to pre-existing exclusion.

Nationwide offers a choice of plans:

  • Access to pet insurance coverage for your dogs or cats, only available through employers.
  • Receive up to $7,500 to spend on your pet each year, once you've met the $250 deductible.
  • Visit any licensed veterinarian worldwide.
  • Choose your level of reimbursement: 90%, 70% or 50%.
  • Pay your premiums through payroll deduction.

Get a free, no-obligation quote and enroll by visiting anytime during the year.


Full-time faculty and staff are eligible as of the first of the month following date of hire. 


Premium rates vary based on the type of pet you have and your state of residence. 


If you need to make changes to your pet insurnace such as cancellations, upgrades or downgrades, please call Nationwide at 844-208-1108.


Customer service: 844-208-1108
Get a free, no-obligation quote and enroll anytime during the year.