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American University Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Affinity Group. Flower with three layers logo, colors are pink, blue, orange, and yellow

Our Mission

Representation matters. In response to AU’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, our mission is to provide support and resources to our Asian and AANHPI faculty and staff. Our goals are trifold. We celebrate racial, ethnic, economic, and political diversity in our community. Meanwhile, we work together to challenge the generalized, flattened “Asian” or “Asian American” stereotypes, such as the model minority myth, the invisible bamboo ceiling in career development, and most critically, the hatred, violence, and discrimination against Asian and AANHPI communities since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. This affinity group will also provide a platform for faculty and staff to share and integrate teaching, research, and advising resources to better serve our community and AAPI students.

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