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Employment Verification Proof of Employment or Income

The Office of Human Resources has partnered with The Work Number® to offer a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income for current and former employees of American University. We do not provide employment information for employees who work or have worked as contractors, volunteers, unpaid interns, or for third-party vendors such as Aramark or Chartwells.

The Work Number simplifies the verification process and accelerates credit decisions through an online system available to verifiers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, email

What Information You Can Expect

The Work Number Can Release:
The Work Number Will Not Release:
Dates of employment
Performance information, including attendance, reliability, etc.
Current position title
Disciplinary information
Salary information
Reasons for leaving
Reasons for any absences (sometimes requested for insurance claims)
Supervisor contact information not available in the public directory

To verify your employment only
(no income):

  • Provide your verifier with your Social Security Number and American University's employer code "18527."
  • Tell your verifier to visit and register inside the verifier area.

Once registered, they will be able to verify your Employment (no income) in a matter of minutes through a secure web connection. Verifiers must be registered with The Work Number to access your employment information.

To verify your employment and income:

  • Provide your verifier with your Social Security Number and American University's employer code "18527."
  • Tell your verifier to visit and register inside the verifier area.
  • Your verifier must provide an acceptable authorization to release requested information.

An Employment Data Report (EDR) allows you to see your information contained in The Work Number and a list of all verifiers who have attempted to access your employment records in the prior 24 months. The EDR is not considered a valid proof of income for most verifiers.

Access Your Employee Account

Visit You can expect the online request to take approximately 15 minutes the first time that you log in to allow for time to complete the validation process.

  1. Click the "I'm an Employee" tab;
  2. Click "Enter Site;"
  3. Click "LOG IN;"
  4. Enter "18527" in the Enter your Employer Name or Code;
  5. Click "I want to get my Employment Data Report;"
  6. Enter your AU ID as your User ID and click "Continue;"
  7. Enter your PIN - the last four digits of your social security number NOTE: If this is your first time accessing The Work Number, you will be guided through additional account set up steps to provide security and validate your identity. The Work Number site protects your data privacy using a secure, Risk Based Authentication system similar to many banking and financial services sites;
  8. Click " Log In."

Requesting your EDR

  1. Click " Request Instant Online Report;"
  2. Select the state you are employed in - DC;
  3. Select a reason for your request;
  4. Select whether to show your full SSN on the report or to mask it;
  5. Click "Get Instant Online Report."

E-Verify Eligibility to Work in the United States

Effective September 20, 2012, American University is enrolled in the E-Verify program sponsored by United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS). Executive Order 13456, effective September 8, 2009, requires the use of an electronic employment eligibility verification system for federal contractors that hold contracts with the federal government containing the FAR E-Verify clause. As a federal contractor, the University is required to use E-Verify to supplement the Form I-9 process only for those faculty, staff, and students who are working or are assigned to an E-Verify designated federal contract.

All new and existing personnel who perform work on a designated federal contract are required to complete a new Form I-9 and to be E-Verified. This includes all current employees hired after November 6, 1986, who are performing work in the United States under a contract or sub-contract that includes the FAR E-Verify clause.

For more information regarding E-Verify requirements at American University, please contact the Employee Relations Team in the Office of Human Resources at (202) 885-2607 or e-mail