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Information for New Part Time Staff

Welcome to American University! We are pleased that you have chosen to join our campus community as a part time staff member. This site is designed for part time staff who are not full-time students. Students should visit the student jobs page for student-specific information.

You will be able to take some of these steps now, and some you will be able to take once you begin working at AU. We’ve organized the steps on this page to make it easier for you. Just bookmark it to come back. 

What You Need to KNOW Now (Before Your First Day) 

We have created several video slide shows that will orient you to working at AU. We recommend you watch each of these videos before your first day so you KNOW what you need to get up to speed!

Instructions for Downloading Videos

Please download each PDF video below and play using Adobe Acrobat and view using Internet Explorer.

Welcome Video

HR Part Time Welcome Video

View Video

Benefits Video

View the Video



Policy Video

View the video

Paperwork to bring on your first day

Be sure to complete the paperwork below, and bring these forms (and appropriate documentation) with you on your first day of work

Employment Eligibility Verification (Federal I-9) form

Federal regulations require that an Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form be completed no later than three days of your first day of work. The form shows your proof of U.S. citizenship or legal authorization to work in the U.S., as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Fill out the top section only and present with appropriate, original documentation to an I-9 certified staff member in Human Resources or your department. This form must be certified at AU and on file in HR in order to be paid and before you can log into AU computer systems.

Tax Forms

These forms ensure that we deduct the proper withholding amounts from your pay.

Federal Tax form

State Tax form (complete the form for your state of residence): District of ColumbiaMaryland, or Virginia

Invitation to Self Identify

We invite you to complete an Invitation to Self-Identify. By completing this form you help us ensure our compliance with Federal reporting requirements. This form is voluntary and will be kept confidential.

After day one: Now that you have started, what you need to do

Now that you have an AU ID number, you may want to re-watch the Working at AU video which covers obtaining your AU ID card and getting paid, along with other useful information. Below are answers to common questions asked by new part time staff.

Where can I find my timesheet/leave report?

Timesheets and leave reports are housed in HR Payroll Connection, an application on the portal. Bi-weekly timesheets are due every two weeks. Just fill out the time you worked and click “Sign” and it will be routed to your supervisor for signature (see the Payroll Schedule for deadlines). Most part time staff are paid bi-weekly.

I would like direct deposit. How do I sign up?

Go to the HR Payroll Connection application on the portal. Click on Payroll and Direct Deposit to sign up. No paperwork is required. You can complete the form online (be sure to have your checking and banking information handy when you are completing the form). Alternatively, you may complete and submit the Pay Selection form to Payroll (fill out both pages for direct deposit).

I do not want direct deposit. Where do I get my check?

AU is committed to sustainability and does not issue paper checks. If you do not enroll in direct deposit, you will automatically be issued a TotalPay ™ card and each pay period your pay will automatically be deposited on the card. Please fill out the first page only of the Pay Selection form. More information about the TotalPay card™ is available here

How do I sign up for the retirement plan benefit?

You have two choices. You can wait until you have met the age and service requirements (1,000 hours worked a year, scheduled at 20 hours a week or more*) and AU will enroll you automatically in the plan. Alternatively, you can sign up today to contribute without the 2-to-1 match and begin to make contributions. Just visit myBenefits-Retirement ( and follow the instructions to enroll. *Please contact the benefits team in human resources for more details about eligibility.

I worked for a year at another non-profit. Am I eligible for the 2-to-1 retirement match now?

You may be. If you have a year of service at another non-profit, we recommend you complete the Retirement Eligibility Verification form as soon as you can, as your prior employer will need to certify that you worked 12 months in a full-time position along with some other information, in order for you to be eligible.

How do I register for training and professional development opportunities?

As a part time staff member, you can register for training and professional development opportunities by having your supervisor send an email to, detailing the course name, date and time, and your name and AU ID number. To view courses being offered, download the HR Training Catalog

I am a foreign national and was recently hired. What do I need to do?

The payroll team is experienced in assisting our foreign national faculty and staff. To learn more and schedule an appointment, go to the Foreign National Information page in the Payroll section of our website.

Where can I go for more information about AU?

Visit the About AU web page which is filled with links to transportation, area dining options, as well as facts and stats about your new workplace!