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Memorandum August 7, 2019

Faculty & Staff
Mary L. Clark, Deputy Provost and Dean of Faculty
Beth Muha, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Message to AU Faculty & Staff in Response to El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy Events

Dear Colleagues,

The tragic events in El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy, along with other recent shootings, continue to leave us shocked and heartbroken over the proliferation of violence in our country. Acts of bigotry and hate impact us as a university and a community, and remind us how important it is to support one another. Self-care is an important first step to address the stress and emotional turmoil these events cause, but we also encourage our community to do what it does best – turn ideas into action and service through open dialog, participation, and collaboration.

We ask managers to touch base with their staff, be prepared to offer support, and keep communication open. We encourage faculty to engage in conversations with colleagues and their students and encourage collaboration as changemakers.

Human Resources would like to offer a few tips to address these critical issues in a positive and productive manner.

Care for yourself and your team

  • Acknowledge that this is a difficult period and it’s okay to feel anxiety, fatigue, or frustration, and to share those feelings
  • Take steps to reduce sources of stress and prevent overwork and exhaustion, including limiting news consumption, engaging in gentle exercise, eating well and getting enough rest, and connecting with friends and family
  • Schedule a one-on-one session with Dale Rampell by emailing or calling x2593
  • Receive guidance and support from the employee relations team in Human Resources. For assistance contact or call x2607
  • Respect others and promote diversity and inclusion at American University Learn more and become involved
  • Read President Burwell’s memo addressing This Past Weekend’s Tragic Events
  • Visit President’s Burwell’s Diversity and Inclusion website to learn more about steps that the university is taking to create a community where people of all identities and experiences are understood, appreciated, and fully included
  • Be mindful about what is shared on social media and fact-check postings from reliable sources such as
  • Learn about local peace-building groups to raise awareness, build relationships, and acquire skills to make your actions more effective