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e-Learning Courses for Staff and Faculty

Looking to further your career and expand your skill sets? HR’s Talent Development team offers more than 60 online courses including Essentials of Leadership, Developing Others, and Leading Change available through the AsuccessfulU portal. You can even take courses on through AsuccessfulU and have your trainings added to your learning profile.

e-learning is a convenient way to develop your skills and improve your competencies with content that is comparable to in-person classes.

Whether you’re looking to build skills for your current job, pursue new interests, or become more knowledgeable for your next career opportunity, AU HR has a variety of courses available to support your professional development.

To access the online courses, log onto AsuccessfulU through the myAU Portal and search for courses under the “Learning" tab. For more information or assistance, email

Employment Verification Online With The Work Number®

Are you moving into a new home, applying for a new job, or maybe applying for a loan? You may be asked to provide employment verification to prove your income status and that you are currently employed.

You can complete your employment verification online with The Work Number®, for a fast and secure way to provide proof of employment or income. Available to current and former employees of American University, this service simplifies the verification process and accelerates credit decision with verifiers. The Work Number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To provide proof of employment and/or income, provide your verifier with your social security number and American University’ employer code “18527”. Advise your verifier to visit and register inside the verifier area. The printable worksheet for your verifier is available below.

The Work Number Verification Worksheet
For more information on the new employment verification process, visit the Employment Verifications website.

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Are You Affected By The 2017 Tax Changes?

You can use the IRS Withholding Calculator to find out.

Did you have a life change in the past year such as having a baby or getting married? These changes impact your exemptions, adjustments or credits that you will have to claim on your tax return. In addition, with the introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the IRS is urging taxpayers who usually itemize their deductions to perform a “paycheck checkup.” This can be done easily with the IRS Withholding Calculator.

Why should you use the IRS Withholding Calculator?
By using the withholding calculator, you can avoid an unexpected tax bill or penalty as a result of not withholding enough in your paychecks.

You’ll need:

  • Most recent pay stubs.

  • Completed 2017 tax return.

When using the Withholding Calculator, you can indicate whether you wish to take the standard deduction or itemize your deductions. You may find it more beneficial to take the standard deduction despite having itemized in the past due to recent changes.

Entering “0” or “1” on line 5 of the Form W-4 means more tax will be withheld. Entering a larger number means less tax is being withheld, resulting in a smaller tax refund or potentially a tax bill or penalty.

If the calculator results indicate a change in withholding amount, you should complete a new Form W-4 and should submit it to as soon as possible.

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Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups

The Department of Human Resources is in the process of forming affinity groups for Latino and LGBTQ members of the AU community. For more information visit or please contact Danielle Anderson at

AU Staff Council News and Updates

Staff Council Leadership Nominations

The Staff Council received 28 nominations for the upcoming 2018-2019 leadership term. To expand the Staff Council liaison network, the 2017-2018 leadership team voted to expand the council by 3 members, resulting in a total of 23 members representing the community.

Eagle 5K Fun Run/Walk

On Tuesday, June 12th, Staff Council piloted the inaugural Eagle 5k fun walk/run in partnership with AHealthyU. Over 100 faculty, staff, students, alumni, and neighbors walked/ran a 5k and donated 250 Children’s books to support Orr Elementary School’s summer literacy program.

Participants running and walking on the track in the Eagle 5k Event

Staff Council’s Third Annual Personnel Conference

Staff Council’s third annual personnel conference was a huge success with a record number of participants and presenters. The event highlighted talents within the AU community and encouraged the introduction of new ideas.
“The Staff Personnel Conference is an inspiring event because we are able to connect, engage, and learn from so many talented staff who are passionate, transformative leaders in their respective fields. Notably, the panel of #ProfessionalEagles who spoke on their personal experiences and challenges toward living a purposeful and healthy life through wellness strategies encouraged participants to invest in themselves as a prerequisite to helping others,” said Staff Council Vice Chair Colin Gerker.

Staff Council Professional Clothing Drive

The Staff Council’s professional clothing drive encouraged our community to donate any gently used professional clothing. 50 pieces of clothing went to Martha’s Table, a non-profit organization in D.C whose mission is to "build a better future through healthy food, affordable clothing, and quality education."

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One-on-One Investment Counseling Sessions

One-on-one financial planning consultations for Fidelity and TIAA are available at the following dates. All meetings will take place at the 3201 New Mexico Ave office between 9 am - 4 pm in Room 280T, unless otherwise noted.


  • Tuesday, September 4th 
  • Thursday, September 6th 

To schedule a consultation, please visit


  • Wednesday, September 12th 
  • Wednesday, September 26th 

To schedule a consultation, please visit


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