Collaboration Award

  • Kevin Barrett
    AU Police & Emergency Management
  • Joe Boudah
    Facilities Management
  • Brian Chepulis
    Athletics & Recreation
  • Mark Cornell
    Facilities Management
  • Josh Finver
    Parking & Commuter Services
  • Gregory Fletcher
    Facilities Management
  • Lucas Franco
    Parking & Commuter Services
  • Eric Gordon
    University Library
  • Jason Greco
  • Ian Greenlee
    AU Police & Emergency Management
  • Stanley Herring
    Facilities Management
  • Paul Jimason
    Facilities Management
  • David Lord
    Facilities Management
  • Marilyn Muir
    Facilities Management
  • John Turner
    Facilities Management

The Winter Preview Day Planning team helped to successfully welcome a record-breaking 1,500 guests, on February 21, 2022, the first large-scale recruiting event in over two years.

These campus partners helped the Office of Enrollment host Preview Day by working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we were ready to welcome the large number of prospective students and their families to campus and provide the best visitor experience for our guests, many of whom had never visited the AU campus.

  • Susie Birdsong
    Office of Sponsored Programs 
  • Zanetta Ford-Byrd
    Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Jennifer Maher
    Office of the Vice Provost for Research
  • Bridget Mullan
    Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Stephen Petix
    Office of Sponsored Programs 
  • Katrina Wade
    Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Matt Zembrzuski
    Office of Sponsored Programs 

Despite significant staffing shortages that caused considerable workload challenges, the Office of Research (OR) assumed additional responsibilities, stepped into leadership roles, and affirmed their support for the mission and the faculty they serve. 

During the first two quarters of fiscal year 2022, the Office of Research team processed a record-level number of proposals, assisting AU researchers to submit more than $80 million in funding requests and receive nearly $30 million in sponsored research awards.

In addition, the OR piloted a new ticketing system, developed new resources to enhance customer service, and launched a quarterly newsletter that highlights the outstanding accomplishments of researchers across campus.

  • Francesco De Leo
    Solutions Engineering
  • Marcus Melo  
    Solutions Engineering
  • Tanya Ilse
    University Marketing
  • Blake Patterson
    Solutions Engineering
  • Sadea Ramsay
    University Marketing
  • Laurie Trayers
    Application & Data Services
  • BJ Whitacre
    Solutions Engineering
  • Julia Zito
    University Marketing

The Challenge Accepted Re-branding team coordinated the launch of the Challenge Accepted and Change Can't Wait campaigns with work performed by a third-party web developer.

The work was complex and it had to be integrated into the university’s web presence on both the main website and the Engaging Networks alumni system. Both campaign launches were major successes and propelled the university forward.

The Collaboration Award is given to a staff member or group who contributes to team effectiveness by providing encouragement and support, helping others overcome obstacles, and accomplishing goals.

Staff Awards Ceremony


The finalists and winners of the 2022 Staff Awards are announced on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 1:00pm.

2022 Collaboration Award Nominees

  • Tanja Aho
  • Alyce Baker
  • Jennifer Baron
  • Kevin Barrett*
  • Susana Birdsong
  • Claudia Blount
  • Joseph Boudah*
  • Andrew Bugos
  • Danette Burgess
  • Neelum Buttar
  • Zanetta Byrd
  • Shanique Carmichael
  • Dymeah Casey
  • Eileen Catte
  • Brian Chepulis*
  • Yun Cohen
  • Ryan Cohenour
  • Mark Cornell*
  • Sara Dumont
  • Reena Dwire
  • Arij Farran
  • Josh Finver*
  • Tara Flakker
  • Michelle Fleitz
  • Gregory Fletcher*
  • Charley Fogel
  • Lucas Franco*
  • Allison Gabriel
  • Jacqueline Garcia
  • Milton Garcia
  • Christine Gettings
  • Michael Giese
  • Eric Gordon*
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Jason Greco*
  • Aisha Green
  • Ian Greenlee*
  • Christopher Hayes
  • Stanley Herring*
  • Tanya Ilse
  • Paul Jimason*
  • Jason Keller
  • Brad Knight
  • Matthew Lantry
  • Charles LeGette
  • Francesco Leo
  • Nabina Liebow
  • David Lord*
  • Jennifer Maher
  • Marc Medwin
  • Matthew Meekins
  • Marcus Melo
  • Marilyn Muir*
  • Bridget Mullan
  • Tariq Nadim
  • Brian O'Donoghue
  • Anna Olsson
  • Kate Van Order
  • Filemon Palero
  • Blake Patterson
  • Mirjam Pearlstein
  • Stephen Petix
  • Melanija Radnovic
  • Varsha Ramani
  • Sadea Ramsay
  • Valerie Rauenzahn
  • Jolie Roetter
  • Martin Sagendorf
  • Julia Slattery
  • Katie Spann
  • Arthur Stallworth
  • Bernadette Storey-Laubach
  • Richard Streeks
  • Lauren Tabbara
  • Kevin Taub
  • Laurie Trayers
  • John Turner*
  • Matthew Verderosa
  • Katrina Wade
  • Jianfeng Wang
  • William Whitacre
  • Matthew Zembrzuski
  • Julia Zito

*2022 Collaboration Award Winner