Innovation & Change Award

  • Shelly D’Amico
    Human Resources
  • Terry Fernandez
    OIT Customer Service
  • Michelle Frederick
    Human Resources
  • Jackie Garcia
    Human Resources
  • Brenda Harner
    Human Resources
  • Deadre Johnson
    Human Resources
  • Ann Joiner
    Human Resources
  • John O’Malley
    Human Resources
  • Abby Puskar
    Academic Affairs
  • Andie Rowe
    Human Resources
  • Katherine Simpson
    Human Resources
  • Andrew Toczydlowski
    Graduate & Professional Studies 
  • Kate Van Order
    Office of People & External Affairs
  • Sheila Way
    Human Resources

With short notice, the team designed and implemented the hybrid modality program for all staff positions to support the fall 2021 return to on-campus operations. This entailed revising university policies, working collaboratively with departments to assign each position to an appropriate modality, and training managers throughout the organization, all in a few weeks.

Their efforts have provided increased flexibility for staff and changed the way AU works now and in the future.

Cole Wrampelmeier
Office of Campus Life

In consultation with the COVID-19 response team, Cole developed a dynamic form that allows event schedulers to generate a unique per-event visitor vaccine attestation that feeds into a single database.

This facilitates reports and lookup capabilities that event schedulers can refer to for future events and significantly reduces the workload for event schedulers and the covid-19 response team when hosting events with guest participants.

  • Luis Alvarado
    Office of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
  • Allison Gabriel
    Office of Vice Provost & Chief Online Officer
  • Ashley Roccamo
    University Library
  • Zhiping Zhang
    Office of Vice Provost & Chief Online Officer  

The Eagle Online Excellence initiative recognizes the importance of course design as a critical component of teaching excellence. The team supports AU faculty members in their online course development by providing tools, resources, expert guidance, and individualized feedback.

In 2022, the team moved to the Quality Matters rubric, a national benchmark. They also created micro-course learnings to accommodate faculty schedules. The efforts of the Eagle Online Excellence team ensure that AU online programs are offered with the highest quality based on national standards and are effective online learning experiences for all students.

The Innovation and Change Award is given to a staff member or group who prioritizes innovation among team members and encourages reasonable and calculated risk-taking. As a result, it improves the university and makes AU a better place to live and work.

Staff Awards Ceremony


The finalists and winners of the 2022 Staff Awards are announced on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 1:00pm.

2022 Innovation & Change Award Nominees

  • Luis Alvarado
  • Douglas Bell
  • Vick Bhatia
  • Keith Britt
  • Yassine Chaouachi
  • Denis Cofer
  • Ryan Cohenour
  • Tony Cortes
  • Shelly D'Amico*
  • Andrew Erickson
  • Terry Fernandez*
  • William Fleitz
  • Erica Fortwengler
  • Lisa Francis
  • Adrienne Frank
  • Michelle Frederick
  • Lisa Freeman
  • Allison Gabriel
  • Jackie Garcia*
  • Jason Garner
  • Tiana Hakimzadeh
  • Brenda Harner*
  • Maria Jackson
  • Deadre Johnson*
  • Ann Joiner*
  • Jason Kennedy
  • Emily Lelandais
  • Alicia Marsh
  • Michael Matheny
  • Stacey Miles
  • Geri Mitchell
  • Anna Morcerf
  • Carrie Moskal
  • Cenk Nair
  • John O'Malley*
  • Edna Pate-Cloutier
  • Mike Power
  • Abby Puskar*
  • Ashley Roccamo
  • Kernysha Rowe
  • Andie Rowe*
  • Martin Sagendorf
  • Ruth Secular
  • Sally Sheperd
  • Katherine Simpson*
  • Keri Thorn
  • Andrew Toczydlowski*
  • Ken Tse
  • Kate Van Order*
  • Sheila Way*
  • Rachel Weiss
  • Justin Williams
  • Cole Wrampelmeier
  • Ali Yares
  • Zhiping Zhang

*2022 Innovation & Change Award Winners