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President's COVID Response Award

Elizabeth Adams, Marissa Romero, Danielle Johnson, Kesha Casimir, Jennifer Scott, Katherine Simpson, Shelly D’Amico, Matthew Schwartz, Michelle Frederick, and Jacqueline Garcia

The Continuity Partner Team, Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources created a program that allowed the work at the university to continue when AU extended the remote work status for most of its staff and faculty in April 2020. 

The team developed the campus-wide Continuity Partner (CP) program that protected jobs and helped departments fill gaps due to the hiring freeze. HR matched units affected by the hiring freeze that needed assistance with AU staff who had the additional capacity and a desire to support the university during this critical time. Assignments varied from a few hours devoted to a project, part-time help for a short period, or full-time help for a time.

Initially, staff were hesitant to self-identify as having extra time because they thought it would jeopardize their employment. Managers were reluctant to “loan” their staff to other departments, and department budget managers were concerned about paying the staff’s wages while they were on a CP assignment.

The team developed strategies to overcome these challenges and presented the program to HR Reps, SAC members, and other key groups such as Staff Council. The AU Cabinet highlighted the program in written messages to the campus and staff webinars they held on COVID. HR conducted one-on-one outreach to the unit managers to identify possible candidates for their program and obtained their approval to place staff in the CP positions.

The team developed an interest form for staff to identify the types of work, projects, and units they would be most interested in supporting, which eased some of the apprehension about the program and allowed staff to have input in the reassignment.

Units requesting additional support were matched with staff who had the skill set required for the temporary assignment, and the positions were posted on the AU Careers website. The program gained popularity and became a developmental opportunity for staff. Dozens of staff members were placed in CP roles across campus. The staff members had the unique opportunity to engage in new projects outside their home department and gain new skills and working relationships. A few staff were hired by their host departments, representing promotional opportunities for these staff members.

Congratulations to the Continuity Partner team for being selected as the 2021 President's COVID Response Award recipients, and thank you for all that you do for American University.


Service to the AU Community Nominees

Congratulations to the 2021 Service to the AU Community nominees!

Although the nominees were not selected for this year's award, their outstanding work did not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do!

  • Ahmad Abdel-Rahim
  • Darrick Adkins
  • Chelsey Anderson
  • Kate Arion
  • Kiera Atkins
  • Sara Biggs
  • Asantewa Boakyewa
  • Ashley Boltrushek
  • Stacie Burgess
  • Ralph Burrows
  • John A. Calabrese
  • Veronica Chirlin
  • Hanna Cohen
  • Edythe-Anne Cook
  • Tony Cortes
  • Jacob Cox
  • Marley Crutcher
  • Sean Dash
  • Darlene Dunham
  • Amanda Elias
  • Michael Elmore
  • Tom Fish
  • Linay Foreman
  • Matthew Fries
  • Katie Fults
  • Esther Gavilan
  • Sarah Goldberg
  • Jason Greco
  • Jon Griffin
  • Tiana Hakimzadeh
  • Vincent Harkins
  • Tony Harvin
  • Efua Hayford
  • Stanley Herring
  • Alexia Hyde
  • Tanya Ilse
  • Mickey Irizarry
  • Fabian Jozsa
  • Kelly Keegan
  • Steve Kelly
  • Jason Kennedy
  • Irina Komives
  • Miranda Lang
  • Matthew Lantry
  • Myle Luong
  • Alex MacKintosh
  • Jeffrey Madison
  • Lisa Manning
  • Angie McCarthy
  • Julia Moroles
  • Lien Nguyen
  • Sadea Ramsay
  • Chandni Ramwani
  • Andie Rowe
  • Martin Sagendorf
  • Matthew Seklecki
  • Alyssa Serrano
  • Georgia Sideris
  • Joseph Van Story
  • Jennifer Tether
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Andrew Toczydlowski
  • Liam Toohey
  • Cole Wrampelmeie
  • Leanne Wright