Election 2012

AU Experts Analyze Obama's Re-Election

James Thurber, Distinguished University Professor and director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, moderated the experts panel.

This election cycle gave analysts, academics and the political chattering class many campaign issues to chew on in recent weeks. In the wake of President Barack Obama’s win Tuesday, American University faculty examined how the Obama campaign secured four more years in the White House and some reasons why GOP candidate Mitt Romney lost the tight race.

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American University's political experts are available to provide insight into the current political atmosphere and what it means for the 2012 elections. Our experts can speak extensively about policy issues, the economy, voting behavior, polling, public opinion, race and politics, presidential history, survey research, and many other topics.

Allan Lichtman

Professor of history

Professor of History

Can discuss:
Campaigns and the presidency, election prediction, presidential and congressional campaigns, presidential history

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James Thurber

American University professor James Thurber discusses the November election for NBC Nightly News on Sunday, September 26.

University Professor of Government

Can discuss:
Presidential-congressional relations, campaigns and elections, the federal budget process, lobbying reform, interest groups

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Leonard Steinhorn

Professor of communication

Professor of Communication

Can discuss:
Politics, presidency, campaigns, the religious right, American culture, baby boom generation, race relations, social movements, civil rights, the 60’s, popular culture

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Jennifer Lawless

American University Professor Jennifer Lawless

Director, Women & Politics Institute

Can discuss:
Women and politics, elections, campaigns, gender politics, public opinion, barriers that impede women candidates from running for office

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Anita McBride

Anita McBride, executive in residence in the School of Public Affairs discusses first ladies on C-SPAN

Executive in Residence, School of Public Affairs

Can discuss:
Women in the political process, role of candidates' spouses, first ladies as key campaign surrogates/advisors

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Dotty Lynch

Dotty Lynch, executive in residence, School of Communication

Executive in Residence, School of Communication

Can discuss:
Politics, polling and data, campaigns and elections, young voters, women in politics, media issues

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Jane Hall

Jane Hall, Associate Professor of Communication

Associate Professor of Print Journalism

Can discuss:
Young people and politics, politics in the media, media ethics and criticism, political news coverage, depiction of women in the media

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