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October 26 Professor Jennifer Lawless talks about what candidates need to do to attract undecided voters on WTTG-Fox 5

October 24 Assistant professor Lauren Feldman discusses the role late-night political humor plays in educating some voters on CNN

October 20 School of Public Affairs executive in residence Anita McBride speaks about Mitt Romney gaining support among women voters on MSNBC

October 19 Director of the Center for Congressional & Presidential Studies James Thurber discusses the presidential administration’s attempts to change the culture of Washington for The New York Times

October 17 Director for the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies Eric Hershberg contrasts the first two presidential debates for BBC Mundo

October 16 Adjunct professor Richard Benedetto provides insight into the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts for The Boston Herald

October 14 Professor Leonard Steinhorn discusses the effect of noncitizens in the presidential race on C-SPAN

October 11 Professor Richard Benedetto talks about the VP Debate and its Kentucky backdrop (video) with The Washington Post

October 10 Executive in Residence Dotty Lynch quoted in "VP debate grows in Importance" in The Houston Chronicle

October 8 Professor Jan Leighly quoted in "Did debate make undecided voters more decided?" on

October 7 Professor James Thurber provides insights on Washington lobbying for CBS News

October 6 Assistant Professor Lauren Feldman quoted in “The Bill O'Reilly-Jon Stewart 'rumble': More than a jab-fest?” in The Christian Science Monitor

October 5 Assistant Professor Scott Talan quoted in "Social media renders rapid judgment on debate" by The Associated Press

October 4 Adjunct Professor Richard Benedetto writes about Jim Lehrer’s “softball” questions during the first presidential debate in an op-ed on

October 4 Professor Dotty Lynch quoted in "Mitt Romney scores points in presidential debate, but will it help him?" in The Christian Science Monitor

October 3 Professor Robert Lehrman discussed the disingenuous statements from both campaigns in the presidential election on 9 News Now

October 2 Professor James Thurber weighed in on the electoral college on The Diane Rehm Show

October 1 Professor Patrick Griffin discussed the state of the U.S. Senate races on CNN Radio

September 28 Professor Donald Williamson, head of the Kogod Tax Center, quoted in "Is Your Political Donation Deductible?" in The Wall Street Journal

September 27 Professor Allan Lichtman will speak about his 13 Keys in Brussels on October 4 to the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

September 26 Professor Robert Pastor quoted in "Fraud Concerns Swirl Around Florida's Unregulated Absentee Ballot Brokers on

September 21 Assistant Professor Lauren Feldman quoted in "'Saturday Night Live' Political Skits May Sway The Presidential Election, Academics Argue" on The Huffington Post

September 21 Kogod Tax Center Managing Director David Kautter quoted in "Romney skipped full write-off for charitable giving in 2011" on Reuters

September 18 Professor of Public Communication Dotty Lynch quoted in "Obama Holds Narrow Lead Two Months Before Election" on

September 9 Associate Professor Jane Hall analyzed the highs and lows from the Democratic National Convention on CNN's Reliable Sources

September 9 Associate Professor Jane Hall discussed Mitt Romney's first Meet The Press appearance and debated the significance of political conventions in today's media universe on CNN's Reliable Sources

September 4 Professor Allan Lichtman quoted in "Democrats’ party platform will highlight issues controversial in N.C." in The Charlotte Observer

September 4 "Nancy Pelosi on her 25 Years in Congress" by Gemma Puglisi on U.S. News & World Report

August 30 "How Obama's Foreign Policy Success Will Win Him Re-election" by Professor Allan Lichtman in U.S. News & World Report

August 30 James Thurber quoted in "Expert FAQ: Should the U.S. Abolish the Electoral College System?" on

August 27 Professor Jennifer Lawless was quoted in the article "Fight for women's vote defines presidential race" by the Associated Press

August 27 Executive in Residence Anita McBride discussed candidates' spouses' convention speeches on C-SPAN

August 24 "Why conventions still matter" by Professor Robert Lehrman in The Christian Science Monitor

August 16 "Nancy Pelosi on her 25 Years in Congress" by Gemma Puglisi for Women's Media Center

August 14 Jennifer Lawless quoted in the article "Why Can Paul Ryan Have It All?" on Huffington Post

August 12 Anita McBride's Op-Ed about Romney's vice presidential pick on HLN online

August 11 Richard Benedetto about Rep. Paul Ryan on CBS Radio New York