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We are American University. We believe any act of violence, bullying, hate, abuse, rape, or harassment is one too many. When our culture of integrity, respect, and support is threatened, we do not stand by passively. We stand together and help.

This is the last of three updates about American University’s efforts to address issues that surfaced in April 2014 through emails by an unrecognized group that calls itself EI, and to improve Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention throughout our community.

Full investigations into the conduct violations described in the emails uncovered sufficient evidence to bring one harassment case; it has concluded. Incidents of alleged sexual assault and alleged conspiracy to commit sexual assault continue to be under review by Public Safety in cooperation with the MPD Sexual Assault Unit and the U.S. Attorney.

Guided by the White House Task Force recommendations and the Violence Against Women Act, AU has enacted new strategies to address sexual misconduct. Efforts include a new bystander intervention program: STEP UP – Be more than a bystander; strengthening campus partnerships with community agencies dedicated to addressing sexual assault prevention and victim/survivor advocacy; additional education and training for students and public safety staff; building campus capacity for victim/survivor advocacy (the recruitment of an additional sexual assault prevention coordinator and victim advocate is underway); revising the university’s Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy; campus climate assessments that include a review of fraternity and sorority life; and additional messages for incoming freshmen and their families about off-campus parties and unrecognized groups.

The university has made significant progress in a short period of time toward improving sexual assault awareness and prevention throughout the AU community. This was possible because of your help. Thank you.