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Student Health Insurance Plan

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (for those enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan) offers discounts on programs and services designed to help participants to stop smoking and/or to stop using other forms of tobacco. Discounts include over-the-counter medication and smoking cessation programs. Smoking cessation prescription medications are covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan at the regular copay amounts.

If you have questions about your student health insurance, please review the enrollment and benefits information.

Faculty and Staff Insurance Plans

Tobacco cessation benefits are available to faculty and staff who participate in AU Medical and Flexible Spending Account plans. Most smoking cessation medications are covered by both the CareFirst and Kaiser Permanente plans, and both insurance providers offer online “Quit Smoking” resources. Additional information on smoking cessation programs can be found on the providers’ websites. Stop-smoking programs are also covered as an eligible expense under the PayFlex Medical Flexible Spending Account, but generally will require a prescription and/or Letter of Medical Necessity.

Other Programs

Most major insurance companies provide some tobacco cessation coverage or assistance programs. Check your provider's web site for information on their tobacco cessation programs.

There are also several local and national organizations which offer tobacco cessation programs. Below are links to information on some of these programs.