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Tobacco Free AU | March 1, 2013 Announcement

Tobacco Free AU Communications


March 1, 2013

TO: Campus Community  

FROM: Beth Muha, AVP of Human Resources, and Project Team Co-Chair Rob Hradsky, AVP and Dean of Students, and Project Team Co-Chair

SUBJECT: Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Campus Update

On November 5, 2012, in a memo to the campus community, President Kerwin announced the university will become tobacco- and smoke-free on August 1, 2013.

Following the announcement, President Kerwin appointed a project team consisting of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and neighbors. The project team’s charge is to make recommendations on effective implementation of the policy consistent with the principles outlined in our strategic plan — transformational goal #7, “acting on our values through social responsibility and service,” and enabling goal #6, “align facilities planning with strategic goals.”

The team’s role is advisory to the university administration and will focus on policy, operational guidance and enforcement, health and wellness, facilities and grounds, and communications. The team, who began meeting in January, has engaged additional sub-committee members to assist in this university-wide commitment. A list of members is below.

For several years, students, faculty and staff have benefited from the education, resources and programs offered by the Wellness Center and university’s AhealthyU wellness program to encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce behaviors such as smoking. Becoming a tobacco- and smoke-free campus is another step in the university’s commitment to wellness, public health, and sustainability.

In the weeks to follow, this project team will work to define the full scope of this policy, make the provisions necessary for effective implementation, provide additional smoking cessation programs, and create an awareness campaign which will enable the university to communicate the decisions to our varied audiences.

Key questions that the committee will consider in the adoption of a policy include the following:

  • Are students, faculty, and staff prohibited from bringing tobacco products or just using these products on campus?
  • What tobacco use cessation services will the university offer to students, faculty, and staff and through what channels?
  • Does the policy apply to all campus areas (e.g., owned property, leased facilities, parking lots, parking decks, construction areas), including use of tobacco products in private vehicles while these vehicles are on campus (e.g., in parking lots)?
  • Who is responsible for informing students, faculty, staff, contract workers, and visitors of this policy?
  • Who is responsible for spotting and reporting violations? Fielding complaints regarding possible violations? Initiating disciplinary measures for noncompliance?
  • What will the disciplinary measures be?

We welcome your feedback on these topics, and encourage you to talk to the members of this committee. Feedback may also be provided by email. Also, look for a website dedicated to this initiative to launch in the next few weeks.

We look forward to working together in making AU a campus dedicated to the health and well-being of our community.


Beth Muha
Rob Hradsky

At -Large Members:

Matteo Becchi, Staff Council representative
Penny Pagano, alumni and neighbor representative
Emily Yu, Student Government representative
Lauren Lane, Graduate Leadership Council representative



Maralee Csellar, associate director of Media Relations, Chair
Patrick Bradley, web communications coordinator
Rosemary Cipriano, undergraduate representative
Andrew Huff, director of community relations
Becca Kany, web content coordinator
Tessa Telly, director of wellness center
Anna Olsson, Staff Council representative


Phillip Morse, senior director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Co-Chair
Rick Treter, director of Residence Life, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Horsley, Staff Council
Deadre Johnson, director of employee relations
Patricia Leslie, undergraduate representative
Rosie McSweeney, director student conduct & conflict resolution
TBD, faculty senate representative

Facilities & Grounds

Mark Feist, assistant director, Facilities Management, Co-Chair
Jerry Gager, university architect, Co-Chair
Emily Curley, Staff Council
Kevin Michael Levy, undergraduate representative

Health & Wellness

Dan Bruey, director of student health, Co-Chair
Ann Joiner, senior director of employee benefits, Co-Chair
Anna Adams, alcohol & other drug health education coordinator
Matt Barresi, wellness program manager
Jerrad Carter, assistant director of benefit operations
Quinn Hirsch, undergraduate representative
Joe Hudson, health practitioner
Carson Merenbloom, Student Government representative
Tara Sabbagh, Staff Council representative
Leah Tasman, wellness program graduate assistant