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About Kogod Now

Kogod Now Fall 2014 cover

Kogod Now is a bi-annual, digital research magazine produced by the Kogod School of Business at American University. Its content examines trending business topics through current academic research.

Our new issue takes you where Research Meets Practice. You'll see how faculty expertise is being put to use to diagnose cancer earlier and easier; to determine how multinational corporations can better prepare for natural disasters;and to get the most out of a negotiation.

In this issue:

  • Off the Books: Professor Gopal Krishnan and Associate Professors Kimberly Cornaggia and Susan Krische examine how changes in how companies are held accountable for leased assets could impact their bottom lines.
  • Using Analytics to Diagnose Cancer: Is there a more accurate, less invasive way to detect prostate cancer? Professor Edward Wasil and his co-researchers think so and their work in health care analytics, using MRI data to locate tumors, is showing promise.
  • How Support Networks Enable Firms to Weather Natural Disaster: Associate Professor Jennifer Oetzel discovers that companies are more likely to expand their international footprint in spite of disaster risk, so long as they already have a presence in the region.
  • A Matter of Trust: Negotiation Tactics From a Social Capital Standpoint: Think using anger to intimidate your negotiation partner is the best way to get what you want? Think again. Associate Professor Alexandra Mislin explores how positive emotional associations can help both parties walk away with the better deal.

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