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Refer a Student in Your Name Give a $2,500 Scholarship to a Friend or Colleague

At the Kogod School of Business, we highly value our alumni through their connections to AU and the School. As we look forward to welcoming future classes to our programs, we continue to strive to attract high-caliber and diverse business students who enrich the overall student experience in their respective program.

As alumni, you are uniquely qualified to identify candidates to reflect your extensive knowledge and experiences pertaining to the quality of students who would be successful at Kogod. By referring a new student to the Kogod Full-time MBA, or one of the MS programs, we will provide a scholarship in your name in the amount of $2,500 towards the referred student's Kogod tuition.

The Office of Admissions will contact those who you refer and encourage them to apply to one of our programs. The new student who is referred must be admitted and enroll in one of our on-campus programs to qualify for the scholarship.

Please click here to submit the online referral form.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this alumni scholarship program in support of the Kogod graduate business programs. We seek to continue to elevate the School's student body and alumni network and your referral contributes to that in an impactful way.


Referrals by AU Alumni
Students who are referred by AU alumni and are accepted into the program will receive a $2,500 scholarship. This scholarship will be applicable and distributed evenly over the entire duration of the program each semester the student is enrolled and in good academic standing (i.e. 3.0 GPA or above).

  1. Alumni who refer students must register each person they are referring online by completing the online referral form, which must be completed for each student referred. This form must be received prior to the student's application to the program.
  2. This referral form does not substitute for the official recommendation required as part of the application for admission.
  3. Referred students must meet all admission requirements for the program to which they are applying and be accepted by the Office of Admissions.
  4. Students who have previously applied, who have already been accepted or are currently enrolled in the program are ineligible.
  5. The scholarship is not available for Online program referred students.
  6. The scholarship is valid for referred students for a period of one calendar year from the date the referral is received. Referred students who are eligible for this scholarship may not defer their admission beyond the one year period.
  7. Employees of American University are not eligible to be recipients of the scholarship award.
  8. The scholarship will be applied to directly to the student's account for tuition only and has no redeemable cash value and cannot be refunded.
  9. Scholarships are contingent upon available funds.
  10. The scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships or grants so that the total amount of all such scholarships, grants and awards exceeds the Student's actual invoiced cost of tuition; in such event, the amount of this scholarship will be reduced to the amount due for the Student's actual tuition owed.