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Graduate Ambassadors Connect with current Kogod Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Ambassador program connects applicants for our on campus programs with current students to learn why they chose Kogod. Click on a profile below to read graduate student testimonials in your program of interest.

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MBA Program Ambassadors

  1. Angela Andela

    Angela Andela

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


    Undergraduate Institution: Eduardo Mondlane University - Mozambique
    Degree Held: Bachelors in Business Administration
    Previous Employer: Société Générale
    Dream Job & Company:  Portfolio Manager at International Finance Corporation - IFC
    My favorite part of Kogod: The diversity of background and experiences of the cohort. The discussions in class are enriched by the unique experiences each student brings in.

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  1. Anna Cron

    Anna Cron


    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Undergraduate Institution: College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University
    Degree Held: BA in Political Science and Latin American Studies
    Previous Employer: Hansen Summer Institute
    Dream Job: International Financial Institutions/ International Organizations and eventually, Director of the Peace Corps
    My favorite part of Kogod: The diversity and support among my cohort mates, professors, and staff!

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  1. Lisa Francis

    Lisa Francis


    Chicago, Il

    Undergraduate Institution: The George Washington University
    Degree Held: Political Science
    Dream Job & Company:  Company doesn't exist yet -- hopefully it's my own :)
    Current Employer: Kogod School of Business
    My favorite part of Kogod: Experiential learning, hands down. I have had so many opportunities to use the skillset that I've built in the program in a real-world setting.
    My favorite course/memory: I really loved participating in the Kogod in Practice program during the Summer of 2020. It was a great opportunity to consult with a start-up organization here in DC and gain hands-on training.

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  1. Stephanie Holzinger

    Stephanie Holzinger

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Florida
    Degree Held: BA History
    Dream Job: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Previous Employer: Carla & Liv Kids
    My favorite part of Kogod: Dedicated & Accessible Professors, Collaborative Cohort, and the opportunity to learn from students with diverse professional backgrounds and interests!
    Favorite course: I really adore Ed Wasil and his Stats Course. He makes learning something super intimidating super fun!

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  1. Carmisha Louis

    Carmisha Louis

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Germantown, Maryland

    Undergraduate Institution: The Catholic University of America
    Degree Held: BS in Business Administration
    Internship Location: Ocean Spray Cranberries Innovation Brand Marketing
    Dream Job: Brand Manager for a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company
    My favorite part of Kogod: Meeting potential students and sharing why I enjoy being a student at Kogod.
    My favorite course/memory: I really loved participating in the Kogod in Practice program during the Summer of 2020. It was a great opportunity to consult with a start-up organization here in DC and gain hands-on training.

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  1. Prichard Moyo

    Prichard Moyo

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


    Undergraduate Institution: Regent Business School
    Degree Held: Bachelor of Commerce
    Current Employer: Global Trading & Safety Solutions
    Dream Job: Investment Analyst/World Bank
    My favorite part of Kogod: My learning experience and interaction with my cohort

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  1. Abolaji Omitogun

    Abolaji Omitogun

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Undergraduate Institution:University of Ibadan
    Degree Held: BSc Geography
    Dream Job: Strategy and Business Analytics
    Previous Employer: Making Cents International
    My favorite part of Kogod: My Classmates. Class cohort are amazingly diverse with different strength and competencies and we go an extra to helping each other succeed. The Career development resources are enormous and having access to that is indeed empowering.

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  1. Sania Safdar

    Sania Safdar

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Bahawalpur, Pakistan

    Undergraduate Institution:University of Ibadan
    Degree Held: BBA
    Dream Job: Business Analytics and Strategist/Consultancy
    Previous Employer: ActionAid Pakistan
    My favorite part of Kogod: I chose Kogod because I was surprised that the entire MBA class is small but its still has diversity. Apart from that, Kogod's community is really very welcoming. So for an international student it's very important to study around people that are more like a family.

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  1. Scott Schneider

    Scott Schneider

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Basking Ridge, NJ

    Undergraduate Institution: Southern Methodist University
    Degree Held: BA in Markets and Culture
    Dream Job: Head of a Travel Company's Loyalty Marketing Division
    Internship Location: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    My favorite part of Kogod: The people: the Faculty, Career & Development, and Admissions staff are incredibly resourceful and have been extremely supportive during my time at Kogod; they truly see a path for success in every student and are willing to invest the time necessary to help them reach their goals.
    Favorite memory: I thoroughly enjoyed the MBA signature course. It is a two-week intensive class right after orientation that focuses on the private and public sectors' intersectionality. We had the opportunity to learn about current business issues and meet with industry experts to immediately further what we had learned. It was immediate experiential learning and perfect considering AU's location in DC.

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  1. Trinity Sheppard

    Trinity Sheppard

    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

    Frederick, Maryland

    Undergraduate Instituion: Stevens Institute of Technology
    Degree Held: BS Information Systems
    Dream Job: Yacht Captain
    Internship Location: Microsoft
    Favorite Part of Kogod:My classmates. Everyone has such diverse backgrounds and brings so much to our class discussions.
    My favorite memory: Business at the Public-Private Intersection was my favorite course. It was a two-week intensive course that involved a lot of reading and writing. But I enjoyed the class discussion and the onsite visits to local companies. The free lunches also didn't hurt!

MS in Accounting Ambassadors

  1. Shahnar 	McSorley

    Shahnar McSorley

    MS in Accounting

    Haddon Township, NJ

    Undergraduate Institution: Drexel University
    Degree Held: BA in Global Studies, concentrating in International Business and Economics
    Dream Job: International Audit/Assurance at one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms
    Previous Employer: Allstate Insurance
    My favorite part of Kogod: I love the diversity of the students in all of my classes. I also love the opportunities available by being in Washington, DC!

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  1. Zhanibek Nurmakhan

    Zhanibek Nurmakhan

    MS in Accounting


    Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York at Plattsburgh
    Degree Held: BS in Accounting, BS in Business Administration
    Dream Job: Big 4
    Previous Employer: Thom Browne, Inc.
    My favorite part of Kogod: Admissions staff and Accounting professors.

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  1. Bob Brhayan Okoth

    Bob Brhayan Okoth

    MS in Accounting

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Undergraduate Institution: KCA University
    Degree Held: Bcom Accounting
    Dream Job: Apple Inc
    Previous Employer: Ecolink
    My favorite part of Kogod: The whole Kogod ecosystem and system of leadership is empathetic.

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  1. Gina 	Scott

    Gina Scott

    MS in Accounting

    Miami Springs, FL

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami
    Degree Held: BS in Athletic Training
    Dream Job: Forensic/Fraud/Investigative Accounting
    Previous Employer: US Navy
    My favorite part of Kogod: The accessibility of faculty and Career Center staff, and everyone's constant willingness to help make attending Kogod a success.

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  1. Gabby 	Vella

    Gabby Vella

    MS in Accounting -- Lead Ambassador

    Bondville, Vermont

    Undergraduate Institution:American University
    Degree Held: Business Administration: Accounting and Finance
    Dream Job: Forensic Accounting
    Previous Employer: Enterprise Rent-a-Car
    My favorite part of Kogod: My favorite part of Kogod is making connections in my undergraduate career in Kogod and strengthening those connections with faculty, students, and other members of the AU community. Everyone in Kogod is willing to help you grow as a person, student, and professional.

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  1. Ambassador

    Kisha Thakur

    MS in Accounting

    Germantown, Maryland

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland College Park
    Degree Held: BA in Sociology
    Dream Job: After I complete my MS in Accounting, I plan on taking the CPA exam in order to become a CPA. After working for a couple of years, I plan on getting my MBA.
    Previous Employer: Center for Autism and Related Disorders
    My favorite part of Kogod: I truly enjoy and appreciate the Kogod faculty. They are supportive and willing to help. If I have a question, I can easily reach out to my advisor or professor and they are always here for me. In addition, the faculty and students in Kogod are extremely welcoming and helpful.

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MS in Analytics

  1. Sobanaa 	Jayakumar

    Sobanaa Jayakumar

    MS in Analytics

    Chennai, India

    Undergraduate Institution: Anna University and IFMR GSB - Krea University, India
    Degree Held: B.Tech in Biotechnology and MBA in Finance
    Dream Job: I plan to integrate my Finance experience with my current degree in Analytics to venture into the Financial Analytics/ Quantitative Analytics space.
    Previous Employer: Barclays
    My favorite part of Kogod: The highly Inclusive community along with ample resources for Student and Career development. The Admissions team and Faculty who are always willing to aid and support your vision. Proud to be a part of The Kogod family!

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  1. Marisela Lara

    Marisela Lara

    MS in Analytics

    Arlington, VA

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Rochester
    Degree Held: Neuroscience
    Dream Job: My dream job would be to work within consulting, specifically in analytics and strategy. I see myself working for a large company like Deloitte!
    Previous Employer: M Powered Strategies 
    My favorite part of Kogod: Although my first semester at Kogod has been online, I have had the opportunity to join American University Consulting Club and attend a virtual job fair. It's amazing to see the level of commitment and involvement Kogod has for it's students during these trying times.

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  1. Theodore Ochieng

    Theodore Ochieng

    MS in Analytics

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Undergraduate Institution: Pennsylvania State University
    Degree Held: Economics
    Dream Job: Chief Research & Strategy Officer
    Previous Employer: Tabiri Analytics
    My favorite part of Kogod: The quality of teaching. Beyond teaching the material, professors are focused on teaching how to apply topics studied to real-world scenarios.

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 MS in Finance

  1. Doreen Addy

    Doreen Addy

    MS in Finance

    West Africa, Ghana

    Undergraduate Institution: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
    Degree Held: Bsc in Banking & Finance
    Dream Job: Social Impact Investment Company
    Previous Employer: CRDF Global
    My favorite part of Kogod: My favorite part of the Kogod is my professors, who are passionate about their classroom and students. They make lessons exciting and practical, which would make you want to work hard. Also, the amenities available at Kogod, such as financial Labs, allows us to get hands-on experience on various financial tools that enables us to thrive in the job market.

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  1. Samir

    Samir Achkar

    MS in Finance

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Tampa
    Degree Held: BS in Finance
    Dream Job: Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Manager

    My favorite part of Kogod: The professors at Kogod are thrilled to connect students to their extensive professional network in the business community.

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 MS in Marketing

  1. Barbara Nadolna

    Barbara Nadolna

    MS in Marketing

    Warsaw, Poland

    Undergraduate Institution: Sewanee, The University of the South
    Degree Held: BS International and Global Studies
    Dream Job: Long-term growth opportunity at an international company in the marketing consulting branch such as Deloitte or McKinsey.
    Internship Location: Vector Management
    What I Value About Kogod: Inclusivity. Kogod's diverse community and network is very helpful when it comes to enhancing personal or career focused relationships. The small cohort makes it easier for faculty to engage with everyone on a personal level making sure Kogod provides personalized opportunities for everyone's professional development.
    Favorite Class: Brand Strategy

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  1. Sara Baba Headshot

    Sara Baba

    MS in Marketing

    Lebanon / Greece

    Degree Held: Bachelors in Business Administration and Diploma in Media Communications 
    Previous Employer: The Art of Wellness
    Dream Job:  Behavioral Economist
    My favorite part of Kogod: The diversity of the cohort.

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MS in Real Estate

  1. Patrick_Trebot

    Patrick Trebat

    MS in Real Estate

    Washington, DC

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern Maine
    Degree Held: BA in Communications
    Previous Employer: GP Renewables
    Dream Company: Cushman and Wakefield 
    My favorite part of Kogod: How knowledgable my professors are about real-world issues.

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MS in Sustainability Management

  1. Alexa Fox

    Alexa Fox

    MS in Sustainability Management

    Fresno, CA

    Undergraduate Institution: Fresno Pacific University
    Degree Held: BA in History & International Affairs
    Dream Job: Currently working it - Legislative Assistant for Congressman Jim Costa, California's 16th District
    Previous Employer: Energy Fellow at Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE)
    Favorite Thing about Kogod: All the people from around the states and around the world! It's a great place to collaborate and innovate, together!

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  1. Stephon Smith

    Stephon T. Smith

    MS in Sustainability Management

    Baltimore, MD

    Undergraduate Institution: Loyola University Maryland
    Degree Held: BA in International Business 
    Dream Job: Sustainable Finance Consultant at Morgan Stanley

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  1. Ezat

    Ezat Khan Sherani

    MS in Sustainability Management

    Paktia, Afghanistan

    Undergraduate Institution: Paktia University
    Degree Held: Bachelors in Agriculture
    Previous Employer: Uber
    Dream Job & Company: Sustainability consultant/World Bank/WFP
    My favorite part of Kogod: Networking, supportive professors and staff, pleasant and learning environment

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 MS in Taxation

  1. john duggan

    Jonathan Duggan

    MS in Taxation

    Petoskey, MI

    Undergraduate Institution: The University of Georgia

    Degree Held: BS in Financial Planning
    Dream Job: Senior Associate, Financial Planner at SBSB
    Current Employer: Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney
    Favorite Part of Kogod:Accessibility. I consistently have opportunity for direct and meaningful dialogue with both my peers and professors.
    Favorite Memory: Playing the part of an expert witness in a classroom simulation of a Senate Finance Committee hearing.