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Connect with Current Kogod Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Ambassador program connects applicants for our on campus programs with current students to learn why they chose Kogod. Click on a profile below to read graduate student testimonials in your program of interest.

Interested in connecting with one of our graduate ambassadors? Email Be sure to include which program you're interested in, which ambassador you'd like to connect with and any questions you have for an ambassador.

MBA Program

  1. Zach Errickson

    Zach Errickson

    Dual MBA/MA - International Affairs

    Undergraduate Institution: University of South Carolina
    Degree held: B.A. in Political Science and French
    What I value about Kogod: The size of the cohort, relationship with professors and dedicated career coaches

  1. Harpreet Gill

    Harpreet Gill

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
    Degree held: B.A. Accounting
    What I value about Kogod: Diversity and inclusion

  1. Dan Gorman

    Dan Gorman

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: Syracuse University
    Degree held: B.S. Sport Management
    What I value about Kogod: Its emphasis on helping students develop a global business perspective, the focus on team/group projects, and the ability to network with industry leaders in the D.C. area

  1. Nosa Iyare

    Nosa Iyare

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

    Degree Held: B.S. in Accounting

    Kogod Decision Criteria: Spoke with a Student Ambassador  

  1. Hang Ngo

    Hang Ngo

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: Foreign Trade University, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Degree held: B.A. in International Trade
    What I value about Kogod: Excellent cohort, close bond with classmates, location in the heart of DC.

  1. Ahmad Abdel Rahim

    Ahmad Abdel Rahim

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: American University of Beirut
    Campus Involvement: Kogod Case Competition, Business Analytics Case Competition
    What I value about Kogod: Diversity, collaborative and friendly environment.
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  1. Navjeet Sandhu

    Navjeet Sandhu

    Full-time MBA

    Undergrad Institution: McMaster University in Canada
    Employment: TD Canada Trust for two years
    What I Value About Kogod: I value the faculty and alumni, reputation, location and international consulting project.
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  1. Parth Tanna

    Parth Tanna

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), India
    Degree held: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Technology
    What I value about Kogod: I made my decision to join Kogod on the basis of its curriculum and professors. So, I value professors here. They are all ready and eager to guide us for our better future.

  1. Valerie Turner

    Valerie Turner

    Dual Degree MBA/MA in International Peace & Conflict Resolution

    Undergraduate Institution: Loyola University Maryland
    Degree held: BA in Global Studies

    What I value about Kogod: As I was applying to different graduate programs in the Washington DC area, I realized that American University was the only institution that treated me like a person rather than an anonymous applicant or a number. That kind of personal touch made a lasting impression on me, and I haven't looked back since.

  1. Gisel Zurita

    Gisel Zurita

    Full-time MBA

    Undergraduate Institution: George Mason University
    Degree held: B.S. in Economics
    What I value about Kogod: The small cohort and the AU alumni.

MS in Accounting

  1. Cody Ferguson

    Cody Ferguson

    MS in Accounting, Certificate in Forensic Accounting

    Undergraduate Institution: High Point University
    Campus Involvement: Accounting Club
    What I value about Kogod: The many opportunities offered to learn. Speaker events, and job and internship opportunities.
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  1. Qing (Doreen) Gao

    Qing (Doreen) Gao

    MS in Accounting

    Undergraduate Institution: Fudan University, Shanghai, China
    Campus Involvement: Accounting Club
    What I value about Kogod: Super friendly, knowledgeable and approachable faculty and staff
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  1. Yilin (Stephen) Li

    Yilin (Stephen) Li

    MS in Accounting

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Campus Involvement:Research Assistant with Dr. Shuai Ma and Accounting Club member
    What I value about Kogod: All of my professors are really knowledgeable and conscientious
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MS Analytics

 MS in Finance

  1. Alaa Alaeddin

    Alaa Alaeddin

    MS in Finance

    Undergraduate Institution: Iowa State University
    Previous Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers 
    Why did you choose to attend Kogod? Interested in the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) and the level of care shown by professors.

MS in Marketing

 MS in Taxaton

  1. Cristina Gonzales

    Cristina Gonzales

    MS in Taxation

    Undergraduate Institution: Universidad de Lima Lima, Peru and Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.
    Current Employer: Kroll
    What aspects of your KSB experience do you like best? The continuous exposure to potential employers and the level of qualifications of every professor.

  1. Michael Mays

    Michael Mays

    MS in Taxation

    Undergraduate and degrees Earned: B.A. in Business Administration from University of Maryland College Park. MBA from Kogod School of Business, American University.
    Current Employer: Rockledge Financial Group
    What aspects of your KSB experience do you like best? The professors are accomplished professionals in their respective positions and convey the course material with a perspective gained through actual experience.

  1. Lucy Ralejoe

    Lucy Ralejoe

    MS in Taxation

    Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Accounting
    Current Employer: Rosenberg and Associates LLC
    What aspects of your KSB experience do you like best? The faculty and learning from experienced professionals. Having the exposure to network with different employers and alumni from different sectors of businesses.