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Kogod Application Guide


The application for admission to a Kogod Graduate degree program is available online only. To begin the application process, please create an account along with a username and password. These credentials will provide access to your online application and also a personalized information page throughout the admissions process. 

As you complete your application, we recommend saving changes on each page as you work. Once you submit your application, your responses will remain final, but you can still access your account to receive updates regarding the status of your application.

Software Requirements
We recommend accessing the online application using Internet Explorer. If you encounter technical problems with the online application, please report the issue to Hobson's technical support by clicking on the link within the application page.

Personalized Information Page
A personalized information page will be created for you upon completion of the online interest form or upon initiation of your application for admission. We encourage you to use this page to learn more about your program of interest and to actively manage the status of your application materials. Updates will be made to your application check list upon receipt, so it is the most reliable and efficient way to confirm the status of your application.

Deadlines & Decision Timeline

In order to ensure that your application receives full consideration, your completed application, as well as all required documents and official test scores, must be on file in the Kogod Graduate Admissions Office by the application submission dates outlined below.

If your application is not completed by the application submission date during the round you wish to be considered, your materials will automatically be moved to the next round for consideration. You will be notified by email should this apply to you.  

You may view the current status of your application through the online application system or your personalized information page. When a decision is made, your status will be updated to reflect the admissions decision.

Note that due to INS regulations, we strongly recommend that International applicants seeking an F-1 or J-1 visa submit complete applications as early as possible.

MBA Deadlines

Admission to all MBA programs (Full-time, Professional, dual degrees) is offered in the Fall term only.

International applicants and those who wish to be considered for merit scholarship are encouraged to apply during Rounds 1 and 2.

Students applying directly from undergraduate programs with no prior full-time work experience are not eligible for consideration for the MBA program. Internship experience is not considered to be equivalent to full-time professional work experience.

Fall 2015

MBA admissions decisions are made within rounds as detailed:

MBA Round

Application Submission

Decision Notification

Round 1

November 15

January 15

Round 2*

February 1

April 1

Round 3

May 1

June 15

*International applicant and merit scholarship priority consideration deadline

Applications will be reviewed after the May 1, 2015 deadline on a space-available basis. All applications for both MBA programs should be submitted by July 15, 2015.

MS Deadlines

Admission to the MS Accounting, MS Finance, MS Real Estate and MS Taxation programs is offered in the Fall and Spring terms. Admission to MS Marketing and MS Sustainability Management is offered in the fall term only.

Decisions on all MS program applicants are made on a rolling basis. Applicants can typically expect notification within four to six weeks of receiving confirmation that an application is complete and ready for review. Applicants may view the current status of their application through the online application portal.

Spring 2015

November 15 – International Applicant Deadline
December 10 – Final Domestic Applicant Deadline

Fall 2015

February 20 – International and Scholarship Priority Deadline
May 1 – Final Scholarship Consideration Deadline

All applications for Fall 2015 MS admission must be submitted by July 15, 2015.

Application Requirements

Full-time work experience is not a requirement for application to the MS programs. Applicants are not required to have completed an undergraduate degree in a field related to the MS program. However, some programs may include pre-requisite courses that should be completed prior to application, or in some cases, may be completed during the first semester of MS enrollment at Kogod. Please review individual program requirements under the Graduate Programs section of this website prior to application. 

A current copy of your resume is required and must be uploaded in the employment section of the online application.  

Personal Statement
A personal statement is required and must be uploaded in the online application. We encourage you to use the personal statement as an opportunity to highlight your strengths and compatibility with Kogod.  

Letters of Recommendation
Two letters of recommendation are required.  

MBA applicants must submit professional recommendations, and when possible, should include the recommendation of an immediate supervisor.  

MS applicants may submit academic and/or professional recommendations.  

Recommenders may submit their forms electronically and are encouraged to do so. Once you have identified recommenders, you may enter their names and contact information via the online application system. They will be contacted directly with instructions and provided access to the electronic evaluation form. Once their evaluation form and letter have been submitted, an email notification will be sent confirming receipt.

If your recommender cannot complete an electronic form, you may download a copy of the Recommendation for Graduate Study Form in the online application center. Your recommender must then complete the form and return it in a signed, sealed envelope directly to the Kogod Graduate Admissions Office. Alternatively, the submission may be made by email to kogodgrad@american.edu with the subject line ‘Recommendation Enclosed’.

Transcripts detailing your academic history and record must be provided for all undergraduate and/or graduate institutions attended. Transcripts for courses taken as part of a study abroad program (if listed on your undergraduate transcript) or for courses completed for professional development purposes do not require separate submission.  

There are two options for transcript submission:

  1. You may upload unofficial copies of your transcript(s) directly to the academic background section within the online application. The unofficial document(s) will be used by the Admissions Committee for the preliminary review process. If your application is selected to move past the preliminary review stage, you will be notified that official transcripts are required, and your admissions decision may not be issued until they are received.
  2. Alternatively, you may choose not to upload any unofficial documents and may indicate that you have requested official transcripts be sent to Kogod from your prior institution(s). Official transcripts sent directly from your prior institution may be submitted electronically or via mail
    • Electronic submissions should be sent to Kogod Graduate Admissions at kogodgrad@american.edu.
    • Paper submissions should be mailed to Kogod Graduate Admissions at the following mailing address:

      Kogod Graduate Admissions
      American University's Kogod School of Business
      4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
      Kogod School of Business, Room 115
      Washington, DC 20016-8044

Additional Information for Current American University Students and Alumni

Official copies your transcript must be requested directly from the Office of the Registrar Student Record Services. We are not able to secure this document for you so please be sure to review the instructions online detailing how to request your official transcript.

If you are applying for admission prior to graduating from an undergraduate program, you will be required to submit an official copy of your transcript upon completion of the program in order to confirm degree conferral.

Test Scores
A valid GMAT or GRE score is required to be considered for admission. There is no preference for a particular exam and applicants are encouraged to select the exam with which they are most confident. GMAT or GRE scores may not be more than five years old. Please arrange for your official score report to be sent directly to the Kogod School of Business.

  • Kogod GMAT score report codes:
    Full-time MBA (RN4-J4-01)
    Professional MBA (RN4-J4-16)
    MSA (RN4-J4-62)
    MSAn (RN4-J4-07)
    MSF (RN4-J4-21)
    MSMKTG (RN4-J4-05)
    MSRE (RN4-J4-94)
    MSSM (RN4-J4-26)
    MST (RN4-J4-28)
  • Kogod GRE score report codes:
    All Graduate Programs 4357

MBA, MS Finance, and MS Marketing program applicants may request a GMAT/GRE waiver per the waiver requirements detailed on individual program websites. Graduate Certificate program applicants are not required to submit a GMAT or GRE score. 

If you believe you qualify for a GMAT/GRE waiver, you must initiate an online application and download the Waiver Request Form within the online application. Waiver requests may be submitted prior to completing the online application. Should your waiver request be declined, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you may schedule and begin to prepare for your exam. 

GRE and GMAT test prep courses are available through American University. For more information, please click here.

Test Optional Admission
MS Accounting, MS Analytics, MS Real Estate, and MS Taxation program applicants may elect to apply test optional and will be required to complete an evaluative admissions interview with the faculty program director or appointed faculty member in lieu of submitting a GMAT/GRE score.

Applicants eligible to apply test optional must have:

  • Completed an undergraduate or graduate business degree from an AACSB-accredited institution
  • Completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution

Interviews are required for admission to the Kogod MBA and MS Marketing programs. Evaluative interviews are reserved for candidates whose applications have passed the initial screening phase of the application process and are offered by invitation only. Candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted to schedule an interview date and time. Applicants are encouraged to conduct their interviews in person however we understand this may not be possible for all applicants. Applicants who reside beyond the DC Metropolitan area or abroad will be interviewed by Skype, and in some cases, provided with the alternative to interview by phone.

Application Fee
A non-refundable fee of $100 USD is required. Applications without fees will not be processed. Fees can be paid online upon submission of the application form, or via paper check sent to Kogod Graduate Admissions. Application fee waivers are offered to:

  • Active duty members or veterans of the US military
  • Active or returned Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America Volunteers
  • City Year corps members, staff, and alumni
  • American University employees
  • Dual-degree applicants who have already paid an application fee to SIS or WCL

Dual Degree Admission

Kogod offers dual degree programs with the School of International Service and the Washington College of Law. Candidates seeking admission to a dual-degree program must receive admission from each of the degree programs separately. The Admissions Committees from each school do not collaborate on the decision-making process. For additional information regarding dual degree application, including requirements and a recommend submission timeline, please click here.


Applicants seeking re-admission must submit a new application form, application fee, as well as an updated resume and personal statement. We also encourage you to submit any additional information you would like to have considered. If you completed a full application but did not enroll for any reason within the last two years, the transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores you submitted will be transferred to your new application. Applications for re-admission are subject to current admissions standards; even if you were previously offered admission, repeated offers of admission are not guaranteed. Applicants who were denied admission are not eligible for readmission during the same application term and may reapply during the next available term of enrollment.


Deferrals may be granted to admitted students for the next term of enrollment. Requests for deferral must be made in writing to the Kogod Admissions Office. Deferrals are offered at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, and are not guaranteed. Deferring students will be required to submit the enrollment deposit, as well as an additional deferral fee, to confirm their place in the following enrolling class.

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