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Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs Accelerate your undergraduate & graduate education

A full education from DC's first business school

All current American University undergraduate students, regardless of major or GPA, have the option to apply for admission to MS programs at the Kogod School of Business as a Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs applicant while still enrolled in their undergraduate program.

Eligibility to share graduate-level credits between undergraduate and graduate degrees is determined by meeting with appropriate academic advisors. AU students can decrease the overall time to achieve their graduate degree by planning their education in advance.

4 steps to review before submitting your application

Schedule an appointment to meet with a Kogod undergraduate academic advisor to confirm where in your current undergraduate degree plan you have the opportunity to share graduate-level courses.

All students, especially Non-Kogod students, are recommended to bring a 4-year plan of your undergraduate coursework including courses you have completed and requirements remaining.

Schedule an appointment to meet with a Kogod graduate advisor to confirm which courses are eligible for sharing. A maximum of 9 (6 for MS Marketing) approved graduate-level credits may be shared between your undergraduate and graduate degree.

Print off the KSB Bachelor/Master Combined Programs Confirmation Form and fill in the remaining requirements as identified with the undergraduate advisor. Bring this form to the meeting for graduate advisor signature.

Complete the full Kogod graduate application process as outlined in the Application Guide, including submission of all official supplemental application materials according to Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs deadlines.

Email with questions about the application or admission process.

  • Select the Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs option from the list of Academic Programs. They are towards the bottom of the list. For example, select Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs in Accounting instead of MS in Accounting.
  • Select the term that immediately follows your undergraduate graduation term. For example, if you are graduating May 2021, select Fall 2021 for the Anticipated Entry Term.
  • Complete application by Deadline: You cannot register for 600-level courses until you have been admitted and have submitted your enrollment deposit, so apply accordingly.
    • If you plan to take a 600-level course in Fall: June 15
    • If you plan to take a 600-level course in Spring: December 8
  • Completed Application Requirements: Items with an (*) are provided directly within the application. You will be able to submit remaining items after you submit your application and application fee ($100).
    • Statement of Purpose *
    • Unofficial transcript (If admitted, official transcript will be required after you have completed your undergraduate degree)
    • For MSF: GRE or GMAT (waived for students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the time of application).
      For all other programs: GRE or GMAT or Supplemental Essay*.
    • KSB Bachelor's/Master's Combined Programs Confirmation Form
    • 1 Letter of Recommendation
  • Application Review: Allow up to 10 business days to receive an admission decision notification via email. Remember that all application requirements must be received before the review can begin.
  • Accept your Admission: If admitted, accept your admission directly within your Admission Letter located in your application account. You will also need to submit your enrollment deposit to secure your place in the program. Refer to the admission letter for your deposit deadline.
  • Register for Approved Courses: Work with the graduate academic advisor to register for approved 600-level courses.