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Graduate Student Profile

Rachel Bromer











Graduate Student

MBA 2013, Full-time


Undergraduate Institution: Emory University

Campus Involvement: Vice President of Consulting Club, Kogod Graduate Ambassador, Kogod Women in Business (KWIB), Entrepreneur Club, and Toastmasters

Previous Employer: Booz Allen Hamilton

Kogod Decision Criteria: Having a business school located in the Washington, DC metro area was crucial for me to obtain an MBA. I also really wanted a smaller program that offered me the ability to truly build strong relationships with all of my classmates as well has have the ability to easily access my professors. I also have a strong interest in international work, and going to school at American University, which is known for its international work, allows me to explore that interest.

Kogod Value: I have enjoyed being able to know each one of my classmates on a personal level. It is also great that each of my professors knows who I am. Additionally, I have been actively involved in several organizations on campus. Even as a first year, I have been able to seize a leadership position in the Consulting Club. If you are an individual who enjoys being actively involved on campus and build lasting relationships, Kogod offers the perfect community for you to join.