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Ahmed El-Eraky

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Graduate Student

Full-time MBA

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Undergraduate Institution: Ain Shams University – Cairo, Egypt

Previous Employer: BMB Group – Cairo, Egypt

Kogod Decision Criteria: One year prior to starting the application process, I traveled to the US with the intent of visiting different universities of interest in order to determine the best fit for my experience and career prospects. From the very first moment, Kogod’s sense of community stood out to me. This was a very unique experience compared to the other universities that I visited. I felt right at home walking through campus and talking with the different staff members at different offices as well as students on campus. This visit was very helpful to me and definitely made Kogod my top choice. 

A key factor in my decision was the small class size. In contrast to my undergraduate university, Kogod offered the advantage of having a small class size, where the faculty members are always readily accessible and have the time and ability to actively engage the students rather than the traditional lecture approach that I had in my undergraduate studies.

Another aspect was the school’s academics. Looking at its renowned faculty, rigorous curriculum and the program’s focus on consulting, I knew that this program was exactly what I was looking for.

Kogod Value: One of the first things that immediately stood out was the community feel and the personal attention that the faculty and staff continuously provide. They would always stop to talk to students and make sure that they feel supported. 

But an MBA education is more than just the academic, it’s about challenging yourself and Kogod helps you achieve this from the very first day. Even during the MBA Orientation, students were put in a quasi-real world scenario as they were given the task of working on a business case and asked to give a presentation on their recommendations. This practical side is central to Kogod’s approach. The academic coursework strongly integrates the essential skills needed after graduation such as networking skills, team collaboration, and even business writing skills which I think adds even more strength to this program.

Finally, Kogod’s community inspires camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging and support, but this doesn’t mean that the classroom isn’t challenging. It is still a competitive program but in a positive sense. I feel privileged to be part of this class with such a diverse mixture of students of different backgrounds, academic and work experience, industries, and nationalities.