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Graduate Student Profile

Briana Evans

kogod student profile











Graduate Student

Professional MBA


Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia

Current Employer: Cvent

Kogod Decision Criteria: I chose Kogod because I knew I was joining more than a business school, I was joining a community. Between the information sessions, shadowing classes, and even my interview process, I knew that the people are what made Kogod different: I wouldn’t just be getting a world-class education but I would also enjoy the people I surrounded myself with during my 27 months. The administration, the professors, and your colleagues all have a genuine interest in your success: you aren’t just another name; instead everyone works together so that we can all be successful.

Kogod Value: As a PMBA student, I love the way that Kogod has set up their program for their part time students. On the academic side, we focus on one subject at a time, allowing us to get a true understanding of each subject field, through and through. I also like that Kogod takes learning past the classroom: we tie in things from our experiences within our careers as well as the PMBA abroad trip to really broaden our understanding of business from a holistic perspective.