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Mark Jeffrey

ms finance student mark jeffrey











Graduate Student

MS Finance, Part-time

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Undergraduate Institution: University of South Carolina

Campus Involvement: AU Graduate Consulting Club

Current Employer: Federal Housing Finance Agency, Financial Analyst

Kogod Decision Criteria: After looking into many different MSF programs across the country, Kogod’s program stood out as a very tailored fit of what I wanted. The Kogod MSF program provides flexibility, a broad curriculum, and access to the endless opportunities of Washington DC. In the curriculum, the wide variety of electives available was appealing since I knew what areas I wanted to focus on more than others. In addition, they value the chartered financial analyst (CFA) program which was important to me as a CFA candidate.

Kogod Value: The students in the MSF program and at KSB in general are extremely diverse with a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds. I have found this very enlightening. Also, it is great to have a mix of full-time students and part-time students who work in different areas of finance. They provide a “real world” perspective in the classroom and great networking opportunity. 

The flexibility of our MSF program allowed me to switch from full-time to a part-time student half way through the program when I landed my current position. As a result, and with summer classes, I am still able to graduate at the time that I originally planned to. 

The faculty is incredibly helpful and has a wealth of experience in academia, the private sector, and certainly the public sector. They have been very accommodating with scheduling issues such as work travel etc., while maintaining high expectations and engaging material in the classroom.