You are here: “The Future of Chile: Economic Vision and Goals” 

Thursday, April 19 Chilean Minister of Economy, José Ramón Valenté Presents

“The Future of Chile: Economic Vision and Goals” 
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Chile Comes to Washington, DC

Join us in the Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building on April 19 for a special presentation by José Ramón Valente, Minister of Economy, Chile. Valente will discuss the economic vision and goals of president Sebastián Piñera's administration. 


During the last two decades, José Ramon Valente has been a permanent and active actor on public policies, macroeconomic issues and financial markets in Chile. He has been board member at several Chilean and foreign companies, and was a columnist for La Tercera newspaper, El Libero online newspaper and radio panelist on Radio Duna. Valente has an MBA from University of Chicago (1988) and graduated with his bachelor degree in economics in Universidad de Chile in (1985). He took office on March 11, 2018 as Minister of Economy of Chile.


East Campus, Don Myers 213


Thursday, April 19 from 7:00-8:00pm

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Hourly parking is available in the garage under the Katzen Art Center. Campus can be reached by DC Metro rail and bus, or by using the AU Shuttle Bus.