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The Kogod Expansion

About the Kogod Expansion

In early 2009 the Kogod School of Business dedicated a new facility committed to improving the learning experience for the Kogod community. Made possible by the support of more than 25 generous donors, the building more than doubled the size of the business school and is the first building on American University's campus funded entirely by philanthropic means. The expansion provides students with outstanding, new resources to improve their academic experience and large open spaces for gathering as a community.

The three-story building connects seamlessly with the existing building, opened in 2000, and enables Kogod to hold all of its classes in a single location. Faculty offices are now steps away from classrooms to encourage to students to more actively engage with their professors. The Kogod Career for Career Development anchors the new first floor, ready to support and assist students in their professional pursuits and the Financial Services and Information Technology Lab shines on the terrace level as a data and computing center for students.

WiFi is active throughout the building, and across AU's campus, allowing students to connect and study from any location.

The Expansion Includes:

Seven new classrooms

Two tiered classrooms located on the second floor and are outfitted with important teaching technologies, including video conferencing, podcasting capabilities, and more. Five classrooms are located on the terrace level and are designed as flexible spaces for classes of all shapes and sizes.

Career development Suite

This dedicated space is for the six full-time staff members, who actively advise students on their professional goals, develop and maintain relationships with hundreds of prospective employers, The Kogod Center for Career Development offers numerous events year round, as well as opportunities for students to improve and expand their career skills and networks.

Financial Services and Information Technology Lab (FSIT)

The FSIT serves as a virtual Wall Street trading floor for students. The lab is outfitted with Thomson Reuters technology, which includes three unique financial products, allowing students to access streaming market news and changes, global developments, quotes, and data on over 55,000 public companies.

Behavioral Research Lab

The first of its kind at American University, this lab provides marketing, management, information technology, finance, and many other academic departments to teach and develop research studies for students to learn from and to personally participate in or develop.

Computer Lab

Located conveniently on the terrace level for all Kogod students, this new lab provides 10 spaces, one dedicated as a Bloomberg Terminal, for students to conveniently conduct research and write within the business school.

Break-out Rooms

Three new break-out rooms provide additional private study space for students and meeting space for Kogod student groups.

Student Lounges

Three new lounges provide relaxing space for students to gather on the first and second floors of the expansion.


Naming opportunities

Without the support of generous individuals, this new building would not be possible. Limited naming opportunities do remain in the new expansion.

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