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About K-LAB

In the Kogod School of Business, we believe that the notion of business education should be extended beyond the classroom to include experiential learning that will enhance our students' intellectual development, leadership ability, communication skills, and professional self-confidence. That's why we created a "lab" for business students, where activities that allow students to learn valuable professional skills in real world settings are developed and supported.

In the K-LAB (Kogod Leadership and Applied Business) we recognize that you are looking for involvement that will meet your individual goals. That's why we offer programs for both graduate and undergraduate students that will engage you with the Kogod community, corporate partners and the District of Columbia.


Why get involved?

Here are the Top 10 reasons students get involved at Kogod:

10. Meet other students with similar interests 

9. Make good use of hands-on opportunities

8.  Help make the transition to college or graduate program easier

7. Improve your communication skills 

6.  Practice better time management

5.  Feel more connected to the Kogod and AU community

4. Network with alumni and business professionals

3. Build stronger relationships with faculty and staff

2.  Develop your skills and ability to work on a team

And the #1 Reason to Get Involved: You will have unique and significant experiences to discuss in a job interview


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K-LAB Page

  1. Andrew Toczydlowski, Director Student Development and Services

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Andrew currently works with students in Kogod to implement co-curricular programming. In addition to advising business student organizations, Andrew facilitates orientation programming, commencement logistics, and student involvement in Kogod, local,… More

    Send email to Andrew Toczydlowski

    (202) 885-1982

  1. Catherine Irving, Associate Director, Programming and Student Activities

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    As the Associate Director of Programming and Student Activities, Kate works closely with Kogod students to enhance their business and college experiences through experiential learning. The K-LAB (Kogod Leadership and Applied Business) is a uniquely … More

    Send email to Catherine Irving

    (202) 885-1931