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About the Kogod Peer Mentors

Maritza Lopez

Undergraduate Student











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Class of: 2014
Major: Accounting
Minor: Management 

Campus Activities

1955 Club, AU Ambassadors, Delta Gamma Fraternity

Most Memorable Experience at Kogod

My most memorable experience at AU is definitely freshman year Welcome Week. Between Kogod Kickoff, Opening Convocation, the All-American BBQ, and Honors 101 Kickoff I met so many motivated, great new people. When these great people quickly became some of my closest friends, I knew I had made the best decision of my life in coming to American.

My most memorable experiences in Kogod involve two group projects - the group project in Business 1.0 and the Kogod Case Competition. They both tested my patience and determination, but it was an amazing feeling to complete the projects and realize that with each project I learned new skills that will be indispensable to me in my career aspirations.

My Advice to a New Student

Don't shy away from getting to know your peers and professors! Kogod is pretty small so you can guarantee you'll end up in a class with someone more than once. It's also good to be on good terms with your professors in case you need letters of recommendation or advice further down the road. 

Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you by Kogod and American. Attend Career Fairs, sit in on guest speakers, visit the KCCD and KCBC, and network at Industry Days. There is so much to be learned outside of the classroom and Kogod and AU do an outstanding job providing you with the opportunities to do so.

Most importantly, make the most of your four years here! They go by too quickly.