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Kogod Students Most Likely To...

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Kogod Superlatives
Students will receive a certificate and candy in honor of their superlative.

From "Best Networker" to "Most Likely to Make the Forbes 500 List," students nominated members of the class of 2013 for lighthearted superlatives, with an eye on the upcoming May 12 commencement.

Most superlative categories were provided, but some were left open-ended for students to create their own. These are the results:

Most Likely to Become CEO of the Next Google: Kelsey Lee, BSBA '13, and Jon Schmidt, MBA '13

Most Likely to Develop the Next Great Super Bowl Ad Campaign: Ben Loeb, BSBA '13, and Logan Millard, MBA '13

Most Likely to Have a Breakout Room Reserved: Andrew Lam, BSA '13, and Rachel Bromer, MBA '13

Most Likely to Start a Nonprofit: Kathryn Schramm, BSBA '13, and Christin Marten, MBA '13

Most Likely to be Wearing a Suit on Campus: Jack Acland, BSF '13, and Sean Grant, MBA '13

Most Likely to Make the Forbes 500 List: Eric Pan, BSF '13, and John Hoysgaard, MBA '13

Best Presenter: Katie O'Keefe, BSBA '13, and Marie Escobar, MBA '13

Best Networker: Kate Greubel, BSBA '13, and Erin Monahan, MBA '13

Best Baker: Libby Harrison, MBA '13

Most Likely to be Found in the KCCD: Colin Musselman, BSBA '13

Student winners will receive a certificate with the honor and a prize of sweet treats.