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Focus on Experiential Learning Central to Redesigned Full-time MBA

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MBA students
Kogod's redesigned full-time MBA, with it's focus on D.C. business intersections, is now accepting applications for Fall 2014.

The Kogod School of Business is launching a redesigned full-time MBA degree program, designed to impart a global mindset, an appreciation for the business intersection of the private and public sectors, and a unique strength in consulting.

Students will complete 49 credits over four semesters, including a study abroad experience and two intensive signature courses. The first cohort of the new program will enroll for Fall 2014.

The Core

The business world is an ever-changing landscape, and business education must anticipate the market's latest demands.

Enter the program's two-week signature courses: Business at the Private and Public Intersection and Management in the International Economy. These classes will lead off the first two semesters.

"The idea is to provide the opportunity for students to open themselves up to changing their mindset and immerse themselves in new ways of thinking," said Associate Professor Mark Clark, program director for the Full-time MBA and an expert in human capital management.

Students will complete the 26-credit hour core in the first year of the program, leaving the summer open for an internship and the second year available for electives, including a recommended track in consulting.

Choosing a Path

The Kogod MBA is built to take advantage of American University's prime location in Washington, D.C.

"We are committed to providing our students the opportunity to build their skills through real-world experiences and interactions with clients and colleagues from all sectors of business," said Dean Michael Ginzberg.

The new program is particularly complementary to networking opportunities at consulting firms.

"D.C. is home to a huge community of businesses working alongside the government," Clark said. "All those partnerships and collaborations, that's what makes the city hum."

Students will benefit from Kogod's close relationship with major consulting firms in the region. Past partners for classroom projects include Deloitte and CSC, both of whom actively recruit new employees on campus.

For those who wish to pursue another specialty, electives may be taken from the multitude of other business paths at Kogod, such as accounting, marketing, finance, international business, entrepreneurship, or information technology. 

Students may also use the second year to pursue a dual degree through Kogod's partnerships with the Washington College of Law and the School of International Service.

Beyond the Classroom

MBA candidates will also participate in the International Consulting Project, allowing them to sharpen the skills they learn in the classroom in the real world of international business.

The projects will begin in the fall of the second year of the program. Over the course of the semester, students will work in teams with a faculty advisor on a consulting project for an active client or company. By the end of the semester, each student will have traveled internationally.

"The [international consulting] project is just one way we're making sure our students stay connected to the real world," Clark said. "We're ensuring they go beyond the walls and apply their skills to actual operations."

Full-time MBA students will also benefit from the Business Leadership in D.C. Luncheon Series. These events are exclusive to Kogod and will allow candidates to network with business leaders in an intimate setting.

Kogod's Mark

Kogod's record of MBA graduates entering consulting was the primary reason he chose the school, said Drew Deogracias, MA/MBA '10 and consultant at Deloitte.

Deogracias believes his MBA sets him apart in a field where many others have degrees with less of a business emphasis.

"I was able to get the entire skill set [at Kogod], strategic planning, data analysis, it was all emphasized," he said.

"Our goal is to take smart, driven students and give them the tools necessary to sharpen their inherent skills," said Clark. "We're here to show them that business opportunities are everywhere and they can leverage that to their advantage."

Applications are now being accepted.