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Learning Skills for Success in Business A reflection on Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Donna Harris, founder and CEO of 1776

To develop a successful business, an entrepreneur must brainstorm tactful strategies for reaching their audience, find creative solutions for current and future business problems and, most importantly, attract investors. Kogod's guest speakers addressed all of these issues and more during the second annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this past November.

"Entrepreneurship is a very challenging activity. There are highs and lows," said Donna Harris, founder and CEO of 1776. "Now, having a community with mentors and books and classes helps."

Harris, the GEW keynote speaker, founded 1776 with her partner in 2013. The pair wanted to promote entrepreneurship through teaching, mentoring and networking from their district based global incubator. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Harris saw the benefit of fostering the next generation of problem solvers.

"We have put men on the moon we can solve these problems. Technology is not the problem. I see entrepreneurship as a vehicle for change," said Harris.

But in order to start a business, an entrepreneur has to know the industry. Panelists from entertainment and fashion industry discussed keeping up with and adapting to trends. According to panelists, it is important to keep trends in mind, but that new development plans with a business should always align with the bottom line.

Outside of building and creating a business it's important to have a circle of mentors that will always give advice on making the best business decision for your company.

Students and alumni have access to mentors and much more through the Kogod Incubator. Interested candidates with an idea for a business venture can apply to be part of the Kogod Incubator. This on campus resource provides budding entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to start and grow a business. For more information or to apply, check out the Incubator's website.