Mixing it Up How Kogod’s MSRE gave me the perspective I needed

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Emily Heppen

Though songs on the radio right now echo “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” I’m filled with mixed emotions. The holiday season is fun and enjoyable—but, as a student, I’ve also got to review everything I’ve learned this semester to prepare for finals. This process, though grueling, has also reminded me how much I’ve learned at Kogod.

One of my favorite parts about my M.S. Real Estate (MSRE) classes is that they’re integrated with other programs. For example, in my Principles & Investments class, we analyzed a land transaction, which involves assessing value and determining how to complete the transaction. For the project, my group was comprised of students from many Kogod programs. We even collaborated with a Kogod staffer! Because my team had many different backgrounds and skill sets, we’ve been able to contribute to a truly creative product.

I’m grateful the MSRE program “mixes it up.” Working with students from different backgrounds helps me develop new and academically diverse perspectives.

As I’ve shifted gears from working on the project to studying for finals, I’ve been able to apply the knowledge I gained from my classmates. I can approach problems from new angles now, and interpret my notes from a different perspective. This makes preparing for finals a little less taxing—and a little more enjoyable. And hey, who knows. Maybe listening to a holiday song or two while studying could help.

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