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How Kogod Shaped Me One woman’s view on how Kogod changed her life

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Jessica Antopol celebrating her graduation.
Celebrating graduation day in front of the Washington monument.

I like to tell people that I am a Kogod student through and through.

When I joined the school freshman year, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing I knew for sure was that whatever path I chose, Kogod would get me there. Every class I took—from Business 1.0 with Professor White to my capstone with Professor Kohn—shaped who I am today. I entered the university with a plan to study Marketing and Communications, and minor in Israeli Studies and Math. After a series of changes (including a stint as an Accounting major), I finally settled on majoring in Management and minoring in Math.

Each step of the way, I was in awe of the support I received from Kogod. My professors and academic counselors were committed to my success; they ensured I took the right classes, while somehow accommodating my ever-changing degree plan.

I think what I loved most about Kogod, though, was the school’s dedication to helping me see the world. I traveled to Israel twice to see the country and conduct company visits. On my second trip, I also participated in an incubator where, with a team, I developed an idea for an app and presented it to a panel of Israeli business executives.

Kogod also gave me the opportunity to study abroad at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia during the Fall 2015 semester. I got to live and study among Australian students and made lifelong friends. I engaged in courses that both challenged and interested me. I brought my Kogod knowledge into a setting where people learned differently, and it made me a better student.

The Kogod team was instrumental to my time in Australia. From Jolie Roetter in the Kogod study abroad office, to Andrea Carpenter at the KCCD, and to my academic advisors, I felt 100% supported every step of the way. Studying abroad in Australia changed my life so much that I’ve made it my first stop as a Kogod graduate. Today, I’m writing to you from Sydney where I am on a post-grad adventure and about to spend a week scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

After some time in Australia, my plan is to go back home to New York City where I will start a career in human resources. My future is bright and limitless, and I owe a huge part of that to Kogod.

Many people say “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle,” but for me, it’s “Once a Kogod student, Always a Kogod student.”