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A Career on the Cutting Edge

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Photo courtesy of Steve Shapiro.

Keep an eye out for Steve Shapiro, BSA ‘69, who is continuously a key player in some of the world’s most revolutionary technological innovations.

From leading the development of one of the first cellular phone companies to paving the way for a new era of healthcare records, Shapiro proves that with persistence and adaptability, there's no challenge too big to overcome.

As a business leader, Shapiro said his mission is to "reach out and help others understand [how to] improve the world through entrepreneurship, education, to resolve conflicts, and for people to be the best they can be.”

After a Kogod professor recommended that Shapiro apply to work part-time at a local computer systems company, he never looked back. ADP purchased that company, and he rose to the rank of Vice President where he got to manage his own staff.

“With the right attitude and creative thinking, we made it happen,” Shapiro said of rapidly expanding the business. “We paid a lot of attention to detail and costs.”

In 2014, he cofounded eHealth Ventures LLC, an Israeli venture fund and incubator. The digital health space Shapiro is at the forefront of is transforming how healthcare is delivered globally. At the intersection of emerging technology and traditional healthcare, eHealth utilizes analytics, facilitates telemedicine, captures data from wearable technology, and personalizes processes with a goal of improving outcomes at a lower cost.

“We can make a difference in healthcare by finding, identifying, funding and commercializing cutting-edge technology - with a goal of improving healthcare outcomes and lowering costs,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro is sharing the knowledge he’s gained from his work with the American University community. As part of the advisory council for the AU Center for Innovation (AUCI), which hosts the university’s entrepreneurship incubator, Shapiro engages with student entrepreneurs and collaborates about how to start, grow, and stabilize their businesses.  

AUCI’s incubator, open to students across the American University campus, offers a startup financial grant, mentorship and a workspace to students wanting to start their own ventures. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pursue their passions, creating businesses with impact.

Shapiro is passionate about mentoring incubator students. “How do you take your idea and go forward with it? How do you assess if that idea is worthwhile or not?”

Also serving on the board of AU's Center for Israel Studies, Shapiro cares deeply about Israel and is inspired to be hands-on helping entrepreneurs create jobs and help companies succeed with a global perspective.

Through all of his positions in business and with the AU community, Shapiro said that surrounding yourself with individuals who share your passion of hard work and fairness will make a difference in the success of your business or organization.

When creating a company culture, Shapiro said, it all starts with who you surround yourself with. “In many cases, I look for someone that can add value that I can't. You want to create the environment where people can be successful. You don't want to hold them back.”

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