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Fall 2012

Is That A Budweiser In Your Hands?: Product Placement, Booze, and Denzel Washington | NPR
Assistant Professor Cristel Russell discusses the challenges posed by product placement in films. "If a company produces a commercial, they know exactly what's going to be in the commercial. Product placement is very different. The movie people will always claim creative freedom." View Article (11/27/12)

David Petraeus May Have a Future in Corporate America | Washington Business Journal
Associate Professor Mark Clark says Petraeus framed his exit in the right way to set himself up for future employment. "There are a lot of people who would appreciate the insight that a guy like Petraeus is going to have, as well as his ability to be a leader and an intelligent person who can add value," he said. View Article (11/13/12)

See Which Industries Funneled the Most Into the Presidential Race | NBC News
David Kautter, director of the Kogod Tax Center, tells NBC News' Open Channel why private equity firms were big contributors to the Romney campaign. View Article (11/6/12)

Women in Technology Releases Second Report: Women Underrepresented in the Boardroom, Presidents Comments | Washington Exec
Women in Technology, an organization for professional women in the D.C. area's tech community, released findings from a study done by the Kogod School of Business exposing a disparity between the number of men and women in the boardrooms of local companies. View Article (10/29/12)

AU Professor Persily on Employee Retention Strategies| CCTV Americas
Meredith Persily Lamel, an Executive-in-Residence in the Department of Management tells CCTV Americas how multinational companies can retain their top talent. Watch Here (10/16/12)

Analysis: In Fog of Numbers, Little Tax Clarity From Obama-Romney | Chicago Tribune
Professor David Kautter tells the Chicago Tribune that President Obama may have been off the mark when in Thursday's debate he said Mitt Romney's tax cuts would cost $5 trillion. View Article (10/4/12) 

U.S. Commodity Regulators Face New Fight Over Reforms | Reuters
In a Reuters article, James Moser, Master of Science in Finance program director, explains how the CFTC can improve its rulemaking process by involving economists early on. View Article (10/4/12)

Is Your Political Donation Deductible? | The Wall Street Journal
Donald Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Center says that campaign donors aren't entitled to as many tax deductions as they may think. View Article (9/28/12)

Mitt Romney Makes 26% of His Money Abroad and Pays 2.4% to Foreign Governments | The Atlantic
David Kautter of the Kogod Tax Center analyzes Mitt Romney's 2011 tax return, revealing a shockingly low rate on his overseas income. View Article (9/25/12)

How low can mortgage rates go? | The Washington Post
With mortgage rates at or near historic lows most of this year, many are wondering how low they will sink. Adjunct Professor and Chair of the Kogod Real Estate Advisory Council Robert Lipnick says it is unlikely they'll fall much further. View Article (9/20/12)

Interest in Full-Time MBAs Declines
In a recent edition of The Washington Post’s Capital Business, Associate Dean for Academic Programs Lawrence P. Ward explained the new trend. "Business schools have to be responsive to the consumer," he said. "Increasingly they're saying, 'I don’t see enough value in a traditional two-year program.'" View Article (9/16/12)

Lawsuit Argues MWAA Can't Tax Dulles Toll Road Commuters | WAMU
Donald Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Center, helps WAMU's Morning Edition make the distinction between a "tax" and a "user fee." Listen Here (9/12/12)

D.C. is Popular Moving Destination | The Washington Post
Professor Peter Chinloy points to D.C.'s low unemployment rate and functional transit system as factors behind the recent real estate boom in the city. View Article (9/12/12)

Time Zones and the International Workforce | WAMC
In a recent interview on WAMC's Academic Minute, Professor Erran Carmel discusses how time zones impact an increasingly international workforce, challenging the notion of "distance is dead." Listen Here (9/4/12)

Mitt Romney's "Active" Role at Bain Capital | Huffington Post

Dave Kautter of the Kogod Tax Center explains that the concept of “active investment” in a company has different meanings for the IRS and for regular people. "When you say you're actively involved in all these businesses, people do think, OK, you're actively involved. But the tax law has its own definition," he said. View Article (8/26/12)

Working Moms: Have It All Or Want What You Have? | AP
Executive-in-Residence Meredith Persily Lamel weighs in on the discussion in a recent article, saying "if you are defining it as living to your fullest potential in your field while also being present, both physically and emotionally, for your family at any time, of course it's a fantasy." View Article (6/27/12)

The 20 Best-Paying Jobs for Women in 2012 | Forbes
Assistant Professor Caren Goldberg shares insights on the benefits for women of working in female-dominated industries like healthcare in a recent Forbes article. View Article (7/16/12)

Chinese Slowdown Means More Worries for U.S. Economy | U.S. News & World Report
Executive-in-Residence Bob Sicina discusses the impact of China's slowing economic growth on the global and U.S. economy in a recent U.S. News & World Report article. View Article (7/13/12)

The ‘Nontraditional’ Workplace | WAMU
In a recent interview on The Kojo Nnamdi Show, Assistant Professor Caren Goldberg discussed the "glass escalator" that helps men advance in historically female-dominated industries. Listen Here (6/4/12)

JPM Loss Makes Case for Higher Capital | American Banker
Professor Robin Lumsdaine weighs in on the debate about capital requirements for big banks following the $2 billion-plus loss at JP Morgan. View Article (6/1/12)


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