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Applying to the Incubator


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Admission is selective, so we regularly meet with students who have ideas for a venture. We welcome your inquiries. Get in touch with us to schedule an initial meeting to talk about your idea or your existing venture.

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Is your venture ready to join the incubator? Submit an application.

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If your venture is sufficiently developed and fits our criteria for applicants, we'll invite you to present your idea.


What We Look For

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We prefer teams that have started initial research to better understand the potential of their idea either through direct experience in a market, through customer interviews, third-party market data or insights from market leaders and influencers. While not required, we find that leadership teams of more than one person usually have a higher degree of success. Here are areas we consider in reviewing applicants.

You understand the customer

The team has defined a target segment and understands what customer problem needs to be addressed.

You have a viable product concept

You are developing a low fidelity prototype for customer feedback.

You know the market

You know the potential size of your market, major competitors in the market and have differentiated your product.


Is your founding team willing to go through the challenges of developing a sustainable business model? Are your team's skills and abilities sufficient to develop a prototype?

Anxious to Learn

Does your team have a desire to learn more about customers and the process to reach them?

Comfortable with Risk

Finally, how comfortable are your founders with the risks and tradeoffs involved in starting a venture?

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Apply to the Incubator

Current AU students and recent alumni may apply by submitting either a proof of concept or application.

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Phone: (202) 885-2229

For more information, email:
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