American University's Entrepreneurship Incubator

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The AU Entrepreneurship Incubator assists graduate students, undergraduate students and recent alumni in building successful profit or nonprofit/social entrepreneurial ventures that are sustainable and can scale over time.

The Incubator provides accepted ventures with:

  • Experienced mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to resources
  • Available workspace
  • Guidance during early stages of business development
  • Startup financial grant

From the idea stage to investor pitches, the Incubator supports ventures with the tools to successfully launch. For further information, please contact Bill Bellows at or Tommy White at

Student Ventures


17 Minds

17minds a tech startup working to improve care for children with Autism. Inspired by countless stories of inefficient care, 17Minds is putting tools in the hands of therapists, parents, and teachers to facilitate an efficient, collaborative experience for the many different stakeholders involved in a child's success. 

AleXandria Technology, LLC

AleXandria Technology LLC is a startup company that is impacting the world of healthcare by innovating medical devices and tools. They design products to help others, allow them to get back to themselves, and to carry out lives planned.

Blasian Project

Blasian Project is a multimedia organization that produces content to educate consumers on multiracial identity and racial constructs, and to provide its users with community and identity affirmation. 


Book-The-Look seeks to create a comprehensive user friendly interface that revolutionizes the booking experience in the salon and beauty industry. The ability to book real time appointments at various salons in a given geographical location, based on a variety of filters and features.

Carrot Consulting

Carrot Consulting is an online platform that provides affordable, personalized, and convenient professional development counseling that is specifically for college students, by college students. We offer individualized resume and cover letter review in addition to interview prep, all by certified student consultants! 

Casting Depot

Casting Depot is a female-owned, operated, and founded company that utilizes a data subscription service and professional network focused on the acting/casting industry which is often poorly served, and for some talent not served at all. The company has built an exclusive platform for media professionals to source and engage with every type of on-camera talent.


Replacing and eliminating single-use plastic Celise in the food service industry with disposables and biodegradable alternatives. compostable donates a percentage of their profits to help communities invest in composting facilities.

Chapter One

Chapter One is the answer to busy new parents wanting to document and share their child’s milestones securely while also receiving support and encouragement from their inner circle. Through customizable prompts, moments won’t be missed and instead captured via photos and messages and automatically curated into digital and hardcopy books.

Common Sense Coffee

Common Sense Coffee is a coffee is a tech-focused, start-up coffee roaster based in Alexandria, VA that provides top-tier coffee to the visionaries of the world and shares in their accomplishments. The company offers premium, single-origin coffees and a community to visionaries, entrepreneurs, and changemakers so they feel inspired to build the future and change the world.

Cuisine: As told by

Taking guests past the plate into a culinary journey of food and cultural history. Plate & More showcases cuisine from around the world through an interactive pop-up dinner series that includes presentations and performances. All food and presentations are provided by immigrants from those respective regions. 


A Dancespace search and booking platform working to simplify and shorten the booking experience by connecting dance professionals with space.

Datum Sentry

Datum Sentry develops products focused on data security through data collection prevention. 


A platform for non-finance savvy venture founders to build financial models and outsource them to connect with angels and venture funds!


Getrads democratize the logistics process by connecting parcel senders with individuals who serve as local and international courier person that delivers parcels to any location within and across borders.

HoneyMoon Brewery

HoneyMoon Brewery has developed the first Hard Kombucha/Kombucha Beer to be produced in the Southwest, not to mention the first to be developed with the assistance of a top-level U.S. research facility (Los Alamos National Laboratories). At HoneyMoon Brewery, we are striving to help introduce a new category of alcoholic beverage to the world, namely a refreshing alternative to traditional beers and wines.


In an effort to address the global water crisis, Hydronomy has developed a solar powered atmospheric water generator that captures moisture from the air outdoors and converts it into clean water for individual household use.

I Heart Clean Water

Empowering the next generation of climate activists by selling secure made apparel and providing the resources sustainably to bring environmentally friendly practices to college campuses.


JarCo will provide a low cost, all inclusive system capable of growing a variety of plants and vegetables at a rapid pace for an affordable price. 

MEANS Database

Helps food donors make excess supply available to food pantries to feed the hungry. Serving 48 states, MEANS has been recognized around the world by CNN Heroes, NBC Nightly News, Glamour Magazine, The Washington Post, South by Southwest, WalletHub Starbucks Program, Upstanders, Deloitte, L'Oreal Oprah, among others.

Phantom Hound Studios 

The Video Game Industry has a history of using lazy stereotypes and generally misrepresenting cultures in a harmful and sometimes even dangerous way. Phantom Hound Studio aims to accurately represent these minorities in the gaming industry, allowing these individuals to truly feel comfortable in their gaming experience.


PHAZE is an art shop with motivational posters and home-decor products aimed to affirm, uplift and inspire our communities to be their best selves.


Saathea is developing clean, effective, and socially consious skincare products for women 30 and older.  

Setlist Booking

Connecting upcoming artists and small venues through an online booking and payment platform.


Offers an all-in-one device that provides the functionality of both a bite block and medical tube securing device for patients undergoing surgical procedures, burn victims, the elderly, and patients with Surgicure or preexisting anxiety disorders. bruxism will be going through clinical trials soon with the US Army.

The Bridge Research Network

The Bridge serves the purpose of supporting international research and improvement of knowledge in the field of European, Russian, Eurasian, and post-Soviet studies. We are a peer-to-peer network of university researchers, members of which mine data and conduct field research in their respective localities.

The Extraordinary Library Adventure®

The Extraordinary Library Adventure® is a brand, series, and entertainment service that focuses on telling the stories of countless extraordinary figures throughout history whose stories have either been forgotten or untold. The Extraordinary Library Adventure® both participates in the original concept development and licensing of such branded educational content in the fields of history and science under the brand name, The Extraordinary Library Adventure®, to be distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media.


Utilizes-enabled remote 911 nurse triage solution. video TruTriage a full-service solution to enable organizations to deliver nurse triage for low acuity 911 callers regardless of their resources and provides.

Womxn of Color Book Club

Womxn of Color Book Club is nurturing an online literary space & community for womxn of color and gender non-conforming people of color who are inspired by literature (or hoping to read more by authors of color) that reflects our multitude of experiences, realities, and histories. We center, promote, and circulate books written by WOC and gender non-conforming POC—sharing the transformative and liberatory powers of reading literature that deeply reflects who you are. ⁣While we are currently operating as a book club, in the future with the assistance of AUCI, we are excited to launch a monthly book box featuring literary works written by WOC and gender non-conforming POC.

Recent Exits

Congratulations to our seven teams that have successfully exited the program. Their ability to raise capital through acceptance into leading accelerators, revenue generation, investments or grants along with their vision and dedication to the success of their ventures serve as an inspiration to all of us.

Business plan and strategy equation.

Apply to the Incubator

Current AU students and recent alumni may apply by submitting either a proof of concept or application.

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Visit Our Office or Contact Us

AU Center for Innovation
Don Myers Technology Center, Room 221

Phone: (202) 885-2229

For more information, email:
Bill Bellows
Tommy White

We are also available via Zoom. Email to schedule.

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