American University's Entrepreneurship Incubator

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The AU Entrepreneurship Incubator assists graduate students, undergraduate students and recent alumni in building successful profit or nonprofit/social entrepreneurial ventures that are sustainable and can scale over time.

The Incubator provides accepted ventures with:

  • Experienced mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to resources
  • Available workspace
  • Guidance during early stages of business development
  • Startup financial grant

From the idea stage to investor pitches, the Incubator supports ventures with the tools to successfully launch. For further information, please contact Bill Bellows at or Tommy White at

Student Ventures


Mainstream makeup for Arab population


Card to transfer unused meal plans to students who need extra.


Developing patented piano keyboards that use LED indicators to help anyone compose music.

Be Brave

Voice activated jewelry for emergency situations with GPS locator.

BlueCloud Ventures

Interactive Investment site to improve information flow for investment deals for startups.

Fly Calendars

Mobile app to connect calendars of your friends/colleagues to improve social meetings.


Improves the repair and recovery of torn ACLs using ready-to-go 3D printed ligament that is custom designed to match the size and strength required for an individual athlete


Long distance ride share


Covering for over ear buds to keep sweat from ruining noise canceling headphones.


Computer gaming for topics such as diversity and inclusion
Max PointsSimplifies credit card points and frequent flyer miles with a free individualized plan so that you earn more points from your everyday spending


Helps food donors make excess supply available to food pantries to feed the hungry. Serving 48 states, MEANS has been recognized around the world by South by Southwest, South by South Lawn, Starbucks Upstanders Program, Deloitte, L'Oreal Women of Worth program and Oprah Winfrey

Millenial Nail Bar

Studio for nail art.


Applies leading edge microbiology to create a platform of highly accurate, non-invasive detection of infectious diseases. Founder Megan Nelson, a biotech grad student, participated in the National Science Foundation i-Corps program to apply customer development techniques.

Sand Scan

For coastal communities that frequently need to measure erosion, Sand Scan offers the fastest way to collect precise data at a fraction of the cost of other methods.


This app enables recreation centers, gyms and members to view occupancy crowds and reserve group fitness classes and cardio equipment.


Website to connect musicians to productions


Helps women find clothes that fit their style and their values through a personalized shopping experience.  

Recent Exits

 Congratulations to our seven teams that have successfully exited the program. Their ability to raise capital through acceptance into leading accelerators, revenue generation, investments or grants along with their vision and dedication to the success of their ventures serve as an inspiration to all of us.

Business plan and strategy equation.

Apply to the Incubator

Current AU students and recent alumni may apply by submitting either a proof of concept or application.

Submit Application

Visit Our Office or Contact Us

AU Center for Innovation
Don Myers Technology Center, Room 221

Phone: (202) 885-2229

For more information, email:
Bill Bellows
Tommy White

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