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Global Entrepreneurship Week at AU Offers $2000 in Prizes for 2-Minute Video Pitch

Have you ever seen a problem and asked yourself "why doesn't someone do something about that?"

That's how entrepreneurs get started. They solve problems and in the process sometimes find out that a lot of people had the same problem, but none of them had the big idea.

Ready to see what it's like to be one of those people who think differently when the entrepreneurial itch infects their curiosity? One of those people who are not afraid to take risks. One of those people who bring passion, empathy and excitement to the human race by trying to find answers to our problems and solution to our needs? These are the people who change the world.

Register for the AU Big Idea competition as part of the worldwide celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation.

You and a team of your choice can share a product idea or a service idea - an idea that is fun or an idea that is serious, an idea involving the arts or entertainment, education or healthcare, government or technology, science or society. Then develop your idea into a two-minute pitch video on your own or with a team, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link before midnight on November 13. It's that simple!

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week

During one week each November, thousands of events and competitions in 160 countries inspire millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors, and even investors. GEW is held November 13-19, 2017.

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Register to Participate

There are two ways to register to participate.

  • Register online
  • Stop by the AU Center for Innovation in the Don Myers Technology Center.

Complete the form, submit it, and start innovating!

Register Online

Submit the Video

  • Compete as an Individual or have fun as a team and create a 2-minute video. 
  • Upload it to Vimeo or YouTube for scoring. 
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of AU alumni.

Submit Now

The Big Idea Overview

$2,000 in Cash Prizes!

  • Submit a 2 Minute Video of Your BIG Idea 
  • Deadline is Midnight Nov. 13.

How it Works

  • October 17 – Registration begins  
  • November 13 – Last day to submit your entry 
  • November 14 —15 Judging 
  • November 17 – Winners Announced
Students may register as individuals or teams online or in person at the AU Center for Innovation in the Don Myers Technology Center, until midnight on November 13 by completing the simple registration form. Registration is FREE of charge. All the materials are first screened by faculty members. Any unfit material may be deleted and the participant can be banned from the competition for failing to follow the rules. Register now with your idea.

Be sure your video or animation contains the name and contact information of team members.

Your two-minute pitch video (or an animation) should answer the following questions:

  • The problem or unmet need you have defined
  • The scale of the problem based on market size
  • The target customer or user your innovation is intended to help
  • Your value proposition — how would your product or service address the needs of the target customers or users.

Please feel free to use screen shots, images, graphics or animation tools. The competition focuses on the quality of the idea, not the resolution of the video. However, the resolution need to be clear enough focus to see your ideas and the audio must be loud enough to hear your story and your ideas.

Our panel of alumni judges from around the world will use the following criteria to evaluate your submission:

  • The importance of the problem the solution solves
  • The value the solution brings
  • The clarity and quality of the presentation
  • The business potential

Email your name and video link (either You Tube or Vimeo) to If it is a You Tube video, please make sure your video is set to "unlisted". We may not be able to see it if this is not done.

Each entry should include the following material:

  • The names and contacts of team members.
  • A short description of the business idea (less than 400 characters) with a name and slogan as a topic (max 100 characters).
  • Your two-minute pitch video (or an animation).

If you are chosen as one of the finalists, you may be required to pitch your idea in person. The finished video should be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and a link sent to us.

All submissions are considered public and may be distributed online without restrictions. The university may exclude any team from the competition due to invalid or irrelevant material, or any other reason that the university consider being against competition rules or good business manners and ethics. Any breach of rules ends results in immediate disqualification from the competition. All public materials (the pitches) may be used by the university to showcase and promote the competition.

As the material will be made public and will be promoted via social media, the university urges all contestants to protect their ideas with relevant copyright, trademark of patent rights, and to keep in mind not to give out any information that may harm your company or an employer’s business in any way. The university expects all participants to understand the rights that they have related to the idea they are submitting. Additionally, the university expects the contestants to only pitch an idea that is their own. Remember not to give out too many technical details if not absolutely necessary – most ideas can be well presented without giving out too detailed information. The pitching itself does not require explaining the technical details or processes or revealing of trade secrets. If an investor and a contestant wish to negotiate funding with a contributor, the university is in no way involved in the process. We are glad to promote the ideas and see positive investment decisions take place as a result of the competition, but we don’t participate in any negotiations or promote particular companies or investors towards each other as such.

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