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Kogod Market Impact Hub Empowerment Starts With Discovery

The Market Impact Hub (MIH) is a place for synergistic activities related to research, teaching, generating awareness, creating understanding, and fueling community engagement.

Our vision is to equip future generations with the tools they need to serve as pioneers of modern marketing, a practice marked by moral action and loyalty to advancing consumer well-being. Through a wholesome dedication to issues relevant to the institutions that affect our health, happiness, and the value we place on our existence, the MIH can positively impact lives, communities, and society.

We welcome you to the Market Impact Hub and its innovative scholarship and grants. Our hope is that you will take the time to explore our offerings and become increasingly interested in consumer wellbeing.

Ron HillDr. Ron Paul Hill
Professor of Marketing and Department Chair, Kogod School of Business


  • Microscope
  • Scientific Rigor
    We value rigorous research that advances our scientific understanding of consumer and market well-being
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  • Synergy
    We value synergistic and collaborative projects that seek to engage interdisciplinary scholars.
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  • Community
    We value our local community, its stakeholders, and diverse perspectives in our research and teaching.

Our Objective

Powered by thought, intent, and action, the MIH is not as much an uprising as it is an evolution of- understanding. The MIH brings together industry leaders and field pioneers' to pursue cutting-edge research on issues relevant to individuals and institutions that affect consumer and market well-being. With a chief goal of driving awareness, the MIH enacts change through discovery by providing hands-on learning opportunities and exposure to the real-world studies that produce transformative insights on consumer behavior and impact individuals, businesses, and society.

More Than Information.

It is impact.

More Than Innovation.

It is consumer & market well-being.

More Than a Research Center.

It is empowerment.