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Greater Washington Index: Millennials

Millennials Report Cover 2015

Published January 2016
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Millennials are a large and important generation that will dominate the workforce over the coming decades. The greater Washington area attracted more than its fair share of these educated, diverse twenty-somethings during the recession and recovery, but now that pace has slowed. Should we be worried? And what does it mean for the future?

The Kogod Greater Washington Index: Millennials was conceived to find out what Millennials want in a place to live and work, and to see how the greater Washington area measured up in 2015.

Millennials was conceived to address two key questions for business and government leaders in our region:

  1. What do Millennials want?
  2. How does the greater Washington area measure up to their needs?

To answer the first question, we created a list of 31 work and lifestyle items based on previous studies of Millennial habits and interests. We then surveyed 300 Millennials living in the greater Washington area to determine how each of these items affects their decisions on where to live and work. The items were grouped into five major categories - Jobs, People, Amenities, Affordability and Career Options - and respondents were asked to rate the importance of each item and each category.

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