Four-Year Checklist

We know that undergraduates have many demands on their time. To help you focus, we created the office's Four Year Success Plan (FYSP) to guide business majors toward their future pursuits. The plan applies to every undergraduate, whether you are an underclassman or an upcoming graduate.

Undergraduates pursuing a minor in business through Kogod also have full access to the Office of Career Engagement. We encourage business minors to take advantage of the FYSP as soon as they declare a business minor.

Below is a sample FYSP. Each plan is unique and can be created by the student with the assistance of a Career Advisor.

Freshman Year

Become aware and get involved.

  • Attend Kogod Open House to learn the resources available to you
  • Attend one Office of Career Engagement event each month, including Industry Days, to explore career fields
  • Attend student clubs' events to explore your interests and build your KSB network
  • Make an appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss your interests and goals

Sophomore Year

Get focused, commit to activities and explore professions.

  • Join a student club, volunteer or seek out student employment
  • Update your resume to reflect leadership and involvement activities and upload to Handshake. Remove your high school education and experiences (it's time to say goodbye!)
  • Meet with your Career Advisor to assess your career direction, develop a list of business careers to consider, and identify skills to develop in an internship
  • Attend two office events each month, including the AU Job and Internship Fair
  • Complete one job shadowing and informational interviewing experience each semester
  • Start to build professional relationships with professors and other campus individuals (for reference use later)
  • Identify options for your first internship, build a cover letter, do a mock interview using InterviewStream and then meet with your Career Advisor to review
  • Create a LinkedIn profile, connect with staff and professors, join the Kogod School of Business group


Junior Year

Land an internship and test industry choices.

  • Meet with a Career Advisor to develop a strategic search plan
  • Update and focus your resume and cover letter for specific employers
  • Attend two Employer Information Sessions and Alumni Events each semester
  • Attend three office events each month to actively search for an internship, including the AU Career Fair and Industry Days' networking fairs
  • Apply for internships and participate in on-campus recruiting via Handshake
  • Prepare for targeted internship opportunities with a mock interview
  • Identify references to be used in your internship or job search
  • Utilize LinkedIn to build network (connect with intern colleagues, classmates, professors, alumni)
  • Report your internship and give feedback to the office about the quality of the experience

Senior Year

Identify top positions and land the job.

  • Set up Search Alerts in Handshake and review job postings on a daily basis
  • Develop your on-campus and off-campus recruiting strategies
  • Meet with a Career Advisor to update your job search plan
  • Attend office events each month, including AU Job and Internship Fair, Employer Information Sessions and Alumni Events; actively network at all events
  • Execute three intentional networking opportunities each week
  • Participate in a mock interview with a Career Advisor to sharpen interview skills
  • Develop a follow-up strategy, including negotiation and thank you's
  • Request faculty members and past employers to serve as references; keep them updated throughout job search
  • Utilize LinkedIn and continue to make new connections
  • Report your job offers and acceptances to the Office of Career Engagement; complete Post-Graduation Survey


Office of Career Engagement

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