Completing at least one internship is essential for graduate and undergraduate students' success. In addition to developing new skills, expanding your achievements and building your network, internships are an excellent way to test industries and functional areas to find the organizational culture where you can excel.

While it may be tempting to select an internship based on company name prestige or level of pay, it is important to assess internships based on the substance of the experience, the skill sets being developed, and the connections being made. Your Career Advisor can help you determine gaps in your experience, types of internships to seek, and a plan to successfully find an internship.


Receiving Credit for Internships

Undergraduate Students

To be eligible to earn academic credit, you must have completed 12 credit hours in business, including the first 300 level course in the discipline of your internship (e.g., MKTG-300 for a marketing internship). Students entering Fall 2016 and later must also complete the Business Professionalism Course.

The credit earned in an internship course may be used only for a free business elective course, and may not replace a core or area of specialization course. The internship must be at least 12 weeks long, consist of substantive work, be approved by the Faculty Advisor, and not be located in a home office to be eligible for credit. Full details are available below in the For-Credit Internship Process section.

If you do not meet the requirements to receive credit for your internship, but your employer requires academic credit or you would like a transcript notation indicating you completed a Field Experience, The Office of Career Engagement offers a 0.25 credit option.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may be eligible to earn academic credit for their internship. For more information, speak with your academic advisor.

For-Credit Internship Process

The following information provides details on the For-Credit Internship Process.

The registration deadline coincides with the end of the add/drop period each semester. Review the academic calendar for specific dates for the add/drop period.

All students who wish to register for a Kogod internship for credit must have completed:

  • The introductory Kogod course in the area of the internship(i.e. MKTG-300 Principles of Marketing would be the prerequisite 300-level course for a marketing internship)

  • Students must complete the Business Professionalism Course. This requirement is waived for Kogod minors.

(Criteria has been set by AU Academic Regulations.)

The table below illustrates the earned credits associated with the required minimum interned hours. While the table includes the average weekly interned hours associated with earned credits, students, with the permission of their instructors, may vary their schedule hours as long as they meet the total minimum requirement by the end of the semester or term. Students who elect to work in excess of the minimum for fewer academic credit hours should consult their academic advisor.


Earned Credits/Minimum Hours Interned
Earned Credits  1  2  3

Minimum total hours interned required by end of term




Average number of hours interned weekly over 14 weeks 





  • Please note that students may earn up to a total of 3 credits in internship credit towards their overall 120 credits needed to complete degree.

  • Virtual or remote work may be eligible.

  • Internships will be validated as substantive (less than 15% administrative work) and relevant by your Faculty Advisor.

  • Fill out and print page 3 and 4 of the Internship Form.
  • Obtain your Academic Advisor's signature verifying that you have your pre-requisites completed
  • Set up a meeting with the Faculty Advisor and bring the completed pages 3 and 4 of this internship packet to this meeting. (During the meeting you will discuss your internship and the associated assignments.)
  • After your paperwork has been completed and signed, please visit your academic advisor for the final registration

Check the appropriate visa box and have your ISSS representative sign the form before meeting with your Academic Advisor.

Key Contacts:

Academic Advisors

Faculty Advisors

  • Please contact Kogod's Office of Undergraduate Programs at 202-885-1914 or to obtain the most up-to-date listing of faculty advisors

For information on internships currently available, how to secure an internship, general internship resources and an overview on sites where Kogod students have done internships, please go to Handshake or schedule a meeting with a Career Management Advisor.


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