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Maximizing Your Career Fit and Assessment Tools

Understanding your Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills will assist you in determining which job opportunities might be right for you. An overview of these areas is provided below. However you can learn even more by taking the Career Leader Assessment, a research validated and professional assessment specifically made for business students. If you are interested in completing the free assessment and meeting with a Career Management Advisor to discuss the results, please contact our center by phone or schedule a meeting with an advisor.

As you embark on your coursework and career exploration, you will begin thinking about the things you value. Career decisions are value-based decisions, meaning you should take into account things that are important to you when you make professional decisions.

Values are things that are important to you. Personal, cultural, and societal values will affect your interest, engagement, and satisfaction with a career choice. To help you identify what you value in a professional experience, your Career Advisor will help you build a values list. Example values include financial security, job security, creativity, power, recognition, autonomy, prestige, and having a set routine. By thinking about what you value, you will be able to better identify positions or experiences that will make you satisfied in a work environment.

Identifying a major or career that truly interests you is key to staying engaged and captivated! Your Career Advisor will be able to help you identify your interests and discuss how they can translate into the professional world.

Advisors can connect you to resources like assessments, which may help you identify the things that interest you most. The Strong Interest Indicator (SII) is a tool the KCCD uses to help identify interests.

 Your values, interests, and other components like culture, family, and experiences help shape your personality. Being aware of what you need in a position or major to feel fulfilled is very important. Your personality can also be referred to as personal characteristics or your attitude. Your advisor will help you think about your personality and what you need in a major or professional experience to feel satisfied. The KCCD offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to assist students in understanding the various components of their personality.

A skill is a learned ability to do something well. Identifying a comprehensive list of skills can be difficult as sometimes people are hesitant to identify and discuss their skills. It is important to be able to identify and articulate your skills to a potential employer. Your Career Advisor will help you reflect on extracurricular, professional, and academic experiences that have helped you develop your skills. Your skill set is going to help you identify professional positions that would be a good fit for you.


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