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About the Center for Business Communication

Center for Business Communciation Mission

By empowering and coaching students to become confident, innovative, and strategic business communicators, we drive meaningful change.

We build the path from passion to success.

We guide students to communicate persuasively, to provide thoughtful peer-to-peer feedback, and to collaborate on teams to achieve their goals.

We are inspired by the pursuit of knowledge.

We provide a space to pilot innovation; a place where students can collaboratively grow and refine their business knowledge into clearly communicated ideas that inspire change.

We promote diverse and inclusive practices for a global world.

Our diverse team of peer consultants equips students to use business communications to foster multicultural inclusion and global collaboration.  

Diversity Statement of the Center for Business Communications

The Center for Business Communications seeks to create an inclusive space for all American University students, staff, and faculty. Communicating language and ideas effectively is vital in creating lasting impacts. While we encourage students to be fully aware of the purpose, context, and professional expectations of their writing and speaking, we also seek to encourage all forms of expression and honor lived experience. 

We support all students, including those who feel marginalized or unheard, regardless of residency status, (dis)ability, race, gender identity or sexuality, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, or proficiency in English. As a communications center, we make a conscious effort to better understand our privileges and implicit biases, and how to best help our students to reach their communication goals.